This NVIDIA GPU costs 5000 euros and only serves to mine

Lin Cryptocurrency mining makes use of the high computing power of GPUs as well as the bandwidth of VRAM to do its job which makes it highly sought after. Within NVIDIA’s range of GPUs for mining is the CMP HX 170 based on its A100 chip, the most powerful processor from the company in green.

The so-called general-purpose computing through GPUs, which consists of the use of these to execute algorithms that have nothing to do with rendering, has several applications, including cryptocurrency mining, which has caused its price to rise. , and that they can raise capital much higher than their suggested retail price. Well, among the different GPUs on the market by NVIDIA, the most powerful of all is the one baptized as A100, which was launched for the high-performance computing or HPC market under the NVIDIA Tesla brand.

NVIDIA CMP HX 170, your most powerful mining GPU

Apart from the computing power of a GPU, when mining the bandwidth of the GPU is also important and in this case it is the HBM2E memory that has all the numbers to be the ideal one for mining. Something that we have already observed in the AMD Radeon VII and its 4096 bit configuration under this type of memory, which leads us to wonder what would happen if an NVIDIA A100 was mined with a 50% wider memory bus thanks to the use of its six HBM batteries.

The CMP HX 170 is a computing GPU designed for data centers, which with an energy consumption close to 200 W consumes an Ethereum mining rate of 16 million hashes per second. The GPU is not only trimmed at the consumption level, but it has 4480 CUDA cores instead of the 6192 of the original A100. Regarding VRAM, another important change is that this model only has 8 GB of memory in a 4096-bit HBM2E configuration instead of using the 6192-bit bus of the NVIDIA Tesla. On the other hand, like the rest of the cards based on the NVIDIA A100 chip, it does not have video output and, therefore, cannot be used to generate graphics.

Noted for its huge heat sink

HBM2E heatsink

There is no doubt that over time new cooling and heat dissipation systems will appear for new packaging systems such as the 2.5DIC that uses GPUs that make use of HBM2E memory, which require an interposer. In the image you can see how both the A100 GPU, the memory and the interposer where they are mounted have a heat sink mounted just above.

This mining card cannot be used to play games, since it is not even capable of rendering via computing and it is not recognized by any driver, so it can only be used for mining and, therefore, it is not suitable for scientific computing. or as a professional server GPU. What is clear that its performance is much higher than the RTX 3090, but with a price of 5000 euros it does not seem to be attractive to mine if we take into account its cost.

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