This pack comprising a MacBook Air M1 and AirPods 2 is a real good back-to-school deal

[Le Deal du Jour] The MacBook Air M1 is one of Apple’s recent portable PCs incorporating the brand’s new in-house chip. It is marketed from 1,129.99 euros, but today it can be found in a pack with a pair of AirPods 2.

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Released last year with the new range of MacBook, the Apple M1 chip has completely revolutionized the products of the Cupertino company. The MacBook Air M1 is one of the first to represent the range with a rise in power while being more enduring.

In this deal it is about a pack grouping together a MacBook Air M1 and a pair of Airpods 2 for a price of 1,129.99 euros instead of 1,308, that is to say a nice saving of 178 euros. If the AirPods remain white, you have the option of choosing the color of the MacBook Air: Space Gray, Gold or Silver.

The Macbook M1 in Space Gray color and the pair of AirPods 2 White // Source: Apple

To better understand the offer

  • Why is the M1 chip integrated in the MacBook Air a revolution?

By moving from Intel chips to its own ARM-based processor architecture, Apple has freed itself from the last remaining external technical weight by offering computers, smartphones and tablets equipped with their in-house technologies. The M1 chip therefore constitutes a performance improvement estimated at 3.5 times greater than the old models. But it is also on the autonomy side that the MacBook Air wins since it can last up to 15 hours in constant operation where the previous generation struggled to exceed 8 / 9h.

  • And is it good if not this MacBook Air?

Obviously, who says Apple, says an extremely well-designed product. This MacBook Air is no exception to the rule with exemplary finishes in a very sober design, but classy, ​​even if its design is not so different from its predecessor. Another great advance made possible by the M1 chip is the total absence of ventilation and therefore a completely silent chassis. Otherwise, it is equipped with a 13-inch Retina True Tone screen (a nice name for a personalized IPS panel, adapting its colorimetry according to the environment) with a 16: 9 format and a definition of 2560 by 1600 pixels. In this good plan, it is the model equipped with a 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM. Finally, on the wireless side, it has support for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, enough to keep it on your desk for a while longer.

  • MacBook + AirPods 2, a good combo?

The great strength of Apple devices concerns synergy and complementarity. While it’s just as easy to pair AirPods or any other branded sound device with an iPhone or iPad, so is the MacBook Air. For example, if you have an iPhone, it is possible to switch from the latter to the MacBook Air very easily. In addition, the sound settings are made through a dedicated menu on the MacBook as if it is the case from an iPhone.

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