This pack of 4 Philips Hue White connected bulbs for less than 40 euros

When you want to connect your home and more particularly your lighting, the price of connected bulbs can be a brake. It is therefore better to take advantage of promotional offers to reduce the overall cost. Thanks to this offer on Amazon, you can get bulbs for 10 euros each. An excellent deal!

Philips Hue is the leading brand regarding connected light bulbs. For several years, this brand has been offering easy-to-use products.n compatible with the main voice assistants. Amazon is currently offering a very interesting offer on a pack of 4 Philips Hue White E27 connected LED bulbs. Normally available at 49.99 euros, this pack is on sale at 39.99 euros, or 10 euros per bulbe. This nice 20% reduction will help you connect the lighting of all your rooms.

Philips Hue White, E27 smart LED bulb, Pack of 4

How does a Philips Hue smart bulb work and what are its features?

The Philips Hue bulb can connect directly via Bluetooth to the dedicated control application. So you can manage up to 10 bulbs. Via the application, you can control the lighting of the bulb but also its intensity as well as the color of the white (more or less warm).

If you get the Hue bridge (not included), you can connect all your bulbs via Wifi (up to 50 lights at the same time). This will give you access to additional functions such as ability to control your lighting remotely or to set up routines that follow your daily life. For example, you can define that some of your light bulbs turn on automatically when you come home from work in the evening.

These bulbs can also be controlled using voice assistants: Alexa and Google Assistant in Bluetooth and Wifi but also Apple Homekit in Wifi with the Hue Bridge.

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