This patent reveals a possible Pro version of the PS5 DualSense

The jump to a Pro controller?

The fact is that, as usual, the ideas that are registered in the patent offices tend to become the prelude to an innovation and, therefore, the first rumor that feeds a piece of news that we will have to find over the years. months, and even years. And that has happened now with a request made by Sony.

In it you can see what looks like a new component that could reach a future Pro version of the famous PS5 DualSense and that has to do, neither more nor less, than with the possibility of incorporate a kind of force feedback to both analog sticks of the gamepad. Those that we use to move the character or better frame the perspective of the camera.

Remember that the DualSense is characterized, precisely, by having a technology capable of reproducing sensations in the palm of the hand thanks to motors that vibrate depending on the surface or effect they want to transmit. With that haptic feedback the Japanese call it, we have been able to feel when a character slides on the ice or walk on a slightly rougher surface.

With this new patent running inside a hypothetical DualSense Pro, the game could give us, for example, the hardness of activating a lever if it requires a greater application of force on the L3 and R3 buttons of the PS5 gamepad, since it will offer more or less resistance depending on what the programmers themselves decide.

Patent for DualSense.

The secret is in the sauce

Well, the culprit that a DualSense stick is capable of transmitting that sensation to the player is called “non-Newtonian fluid”. And you will wonder what that means, because basically “it is that fluid whose viscosity varies with temperature and the shear stress applied to it. As a result, a non-Newtonian fluid does not have a defined and constant value of viscosity, unlike a Newtonian fluid.

That’s the way it is, modifying that viscosity it is possible to offer a greater or lesser resistance to pulsation and, therefore, adapt that force that we must apply to reproduce effects that take place within the video game itself. That is, a force feedback covert that could be used as a part of the overall experience during the game.

Obviously, the fact that Sony has filed this patent application does not mean that this innovation will immediately reach the PS5 DualSense since, among other things, adding these extras in the middle of a running generation is usually not a good idea because it is not clear that the studios are going to use it knowing that 100% of the owners of a console do not have this new DualSense. Maybe for PS6?

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