This PC screen has a refresh rate of 500 Hz, a world first

Different manufacturers are fighting to offer the highest possible refresh rate on their monitors. The Chinese brand BOE has everyone in agreement and unveils a prototype screen with a refresh rate of 500 Hz.


Manufacturers of gaming screens are now relying on the refresh rate to attract players. Asus has for example unveiled its screen going up to 360 Hz, a record. However, it may already be out of date by a BOE prototype.

The Chinese manufacturer BOE is the largest manufacturer of LCD, LED and OLED panels in the world and today wants to hit hard with its monitor. This in fact has with a refresh rate of 500 Hz.

BOE presents a screen with a refresh rate of 500 Hz

500 Hz is unheard of. This screen, which is a prototype, has no name. It shouldn’t hit the market, at least not as is. It is a 27-inch monitor in Full HD and with a response rate of 1 ms. The type of slab is not specified, but it could be a TFT panel.

A refresh rate boosted to 500Hz is huge, but that number should democratize in the years to come. However, this remains for the moment only a technical feat, since it would be surprising if current graphics cards could keep up with the rate of 500 frames per second.

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Increase the refresh rate of a screen is ideal for attracting esports enthusiasts. If on solo games, going beyond 60 or even 120 frames per second is useless, it can change everything in competition. The image is thus more fluid and allows more responsiveness on very nervous titles such as Counter Strike, Overwatch or League of Legends.

BOE did not just present this monitor, since another was unveiled. It’s a 110-inch 8K screen. Its particularity is to have a refresh rate of 120 frames per second. Again, this is unprecedented. BOE does not give further details. Could these products be available for the general public? At what price ? For now, we’ll have to settle for that.

Source: VideoCardz

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