This PC to play Saints Row in 1080p is worth less than 900 euros

We have been looking at what might be the most balanced setup to play this game. You can choose to update the entire team, if it does not arrive with the components you have. But, if most of the components are equivalent and you only need to change the graphics card, then that money you save.

PC for Saints Row for less than 900 euros

When a new game is released, surely the most important thing to a gaming fan is whether he will be able to move the game. Normally the developers give the minimum requirements and we recommend and then, get your life. Deep Silver Volition, developers of the new Saint’s Row has revealed the minimum, recommended, high and ultra requirements.

Based on those recommended for play at 1080p and a rate of 60 FPS or more, we have chosen this configuration. Then, each one can adjust it according to their needs or budget. This is a PC proposal for Saints Row that is around 900 euros, seeking at all times to make a quality and economic configuration. Let’s see the components.

CPU – Intel Core i3-10100F

It is recommended, according to the game developers, a 4 core 8 thread processor, so we have looked for the equivalent option with the best price. Among the most interesting and economical options is the Intel Core i3-10100F that in Boost mode reaches 4.3 GHz and a price that around 80 euros. We have alternative options from AMD, but these are already around 130 euros, so we leave it to the user’s taste.

Motherboard – ASRock B560M PRO4

Here it already depends on what we want to spend, there are very cheap solutions and more than enough for this processor. We have opted for the ASRock B560M PRO4 for being the most complete and offering, among others, a Passive heatsink for the M.2 PCIe SSD. Perhaps the connectivity is a bit cut, but for the rest, it is a very good motherboard for about 120 euros.

AsRock B560M PRO4

Graphics – Gigabyte RTX 3050 EAGLE OC

The developers indicate that require at least 8 GB of VRAM memory for this game in 1080p @ 60 FPS. We have therefore been looking for charts that meet this minimum requirement. Among the most interesting is the Gigabyte RTX 3050 EAGLE, which is one of the cheapest. This graph offers us support for DLSS (which gives us extra FPS) and Ray Tracing. Around 400 euros, but if we find it on sale for 350 euros it is a very good option. As an alternative, more or less equivalent, we have the AMD RX 6600which also has 8 GB of VRAM.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3050 EAGLE OC

RAM – Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR4 16GB

We are especially struck by the fact that the game for the resolution and FPS rate that we have chosen this configuration requires at least 12 GB of RAM. So a configuration of 8 GB is not worth it and it is absurd to create a configuration of 12 GB in DDR4, so we go to 16 GB DDR4. Among the most interesting options is the Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR4 16GB. We are talking about a kit of two 8 GB modules and that has RGB lighting, which has a very attractive price of less than 90 euros.

Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR4 3200MHz 16GB 2x8GB CL16

SSD – Crucial P2 M.2 PCIe 3.0 1TB

Those who want to save a bit can opt for a 2.5-inch SATA-type SSD. We wanted to seek the best possible performance, which is why we have chosen a SSD format M.2 and PCIe 3.0, since the processor does not support PCIe 4.0 (and they are more expensive). Unit Crucial P2 It has a capacity of 1 TB and a quite acceptable performance for the 100 euros which is usually worth

Crucial P2 SSD 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe

Box – Nfortec Eris RGB White

Within the market of PC towers there are many options, cheaper than this one, but they did not comply with being of good quality and front mayado. The Nfortec Eris We have found it to be an excellent option, as it has a canted front and two fans on the front. It’s a micro ATX chassisjust like our motherboard, so it fits like a glove. This box is around 60 eurosso it’s an excellent option.

Nfortec Eris Tempered Glass USB 3.0 RGB White

Power Supply – Corsair CV650 650W 80 Plus Bronze

The set we have chosen does not have a high consumption, so a 650 W source seems to us to be a very good option. The big downside of this corsair cv650 it is that it is «basic» or what is the same, it is not modular. You already know that modular fountains are usually 20-30 more expensive, but we wanted to squeeze the budget as much as possible. Round this power supply the 70 euros and is from a widely recognized brand.

Corsair CV Series CV650 650W 80 Plus Bronze V2

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