This Pokémon card, one of the rarest in the world, went up for auction and… nobody bid on it!

Does the universe wobble pokemon cards? More than one might think that after finding out about the failed auction of one of the rarest and most difficult cards to get in the world. And that with a starting price of $480,000, it seemed that everything was already filmed for this piece of collection to sell easily and quickly, and yet… no one has shown interest in it. How is that possible?

The rarest Pokémon cards

In another article we already talked to you at length about what Pokémon cards are and what value they have in the market according to their type. Then we already discovered that the world that hides behind the Pokémon TCG It is huge and moves amounts of money that are even hard to believe.

And it is that, as you well remember in Kotaku, Letter sales have been recorded at auctions that have reached 224,000 or even 375,000 dollars, not to mention the notorious case of YouTuber Logan Paul, who came to pay a whopping 5 million dollars.

Tomoya Ohno with the Pokémon card from Pikachu Illustrator

Image: eBay/Tomoya Ohno

In all these cases, the letter was the same: a Pikachu Illustrator -on these lines-, of which there are only 40 units in the world, and which, in fact, has once again been the protagonist of this new but sad story.

An auction that had everything to go round

The copy of Pikachu Illustrator has a level 8 according to the PSA classification (the Professional Sports Authenticator that is in charge of validating trading cards in the US) and belongs to tomoya ohno, a seller and passionate fan of Pokémon. Ohno set the price for the letter at $480,000 in eBay and opened the auction on February 24, announcing that it would be active until two days ago, on March 6.

The normal thing, knowing the dynamics and hype of this collection, is that it would not have stopped receiving bids, however, to everyone’s surprise, He has not received a single purchase proposalleaving its owner, eBay and half the internet misplaced.

pokemon cards starters evo gen 1

No one knows what happened or how one of the most coveted cards in the world could have generated so little interest. Some believe that the business is already “exhausted” and there is no longer any interest in investing in it, while others believe that these crazy purchases by the wealthiest pockets have simply distorted completely the value of the product by making rare card owners believe that they are going to become millionaires overnight.

Either way, eBay has confirmed to the American publication source of this news that it is in close contact with Tomoya Ohno with a view to preparing a second auction. We’ll see if they continue to ask for the same amount of money or, after all, they lower the bar a bit…

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