This portable 4K monitor for PS5 attaches like a case and is great

An external screen for PS5

Many will remember the fantastic accessory that could be connected to the legendary PSone. It was an external screen that fit perfectly into the design of the console and allowed you to play on a 5-inch panel with built-in speakers. Much has happened since then, and many manufacturers have been launching similar ideas for other consoles. And of course, this could not be missing on PS5.

If you were looking for a solution with which to organize parties with your console, the solution that G-Story proposes is fantastic, since it has been in charge of creating a monitor of 15.6 inch with 4K resolution which can be perfectly docked in the new Sony console.

Its peculiarity is that it makes use of the anchoring system of the original PS5 housing, so we will only have to remove the cover of the console to place this screen on top. The result, as you can see, is quite successful, since it manages to integrate the screen perfectly, although that means almost doubling the thickness of the console (which is already quite generous).

Why do I want such a screen?

Its function is obviously to allow you to continue playing with your console wherever you are, only needing a plug to make the set work. It is an extremely practical solution for travelers and for those who want to take the console to their vacation destination, without worrying about whether they will find a TV.

A quality monitor

These types of solutions usually reduce some of the benefits to maintain a more or less economical price, but in the case of this panel, its resolution reaches 4K, also offering HDR and Freesync. It has two HDMI inputs so that we can connect a second device, and the response time reached by the panel is 8 milliseconds, this being perhaps the most negative aspect of the screen.

Of course, the panel works at a frequency of 60 Hz, so do not expect to reach the maximum 120 Hz that the PS5 can offer. That would be asking too much for a screen of these characteristics.

It’s purchasable?

That’s how it is. This G-Story PS5 monitor is available on Amazon and can be yours for 369.99 euros, a price that is not particularly low, but taking into account its features, the level of integration it offers and the ability to turn your PS5 into an almost portable model, we believe that it is an appropriate price.

The manufacturer also has available a model specially designed for the Xbox Series X, a version that, despite the design of the Microsoft console, has managed to find a very interesting integrated solution.

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