This portable console costs 175 euros and is perfect for cloud gaming

After Steam Deck revolutionized the world of portable consoles with the name of PC, there is a branch that continues to simmer, and it is none other than consoles designed for cloud gaming. And it is that with a series of qualities they manage to offer excellent performance at a ridiculously low price, as is the case with this abxylute.

A laptop to play everything in streaming

Abxylute portable cloud game console

with a screen of 7 inches with Full HD resolution, the small Abxylute has a 2 GHz MediaTek MT8365 processor with 4 GB of RAM. It’s not an especially powerful CPU, but it’s more than enough for the intentions of this device.

And it is that its interface, which is similar to Steam OSit will allow you to launch cloud gaming services and streaming game solutions with which you can play games from your PC Gaming, PS5 or Xbox Series directly on the small console over WiFi.

only 175 euro

Abxylute portable cloud game console

Abxylute has started a Kickstarter campaign to finance the project more easily, and with just a few hours of activity they have managed to raise more than 117,000 euros. The project is being a complete success, and it is because only 175 euro you can get a model if you collaborate quickly (few units left available).

The official price of the product will be around 220 euros, so you can benefit from a great discount if you support the cause today.

Once the campaign ends, the console units will be shipped to their new owners in May, so you won’t have to wait too long compared to other funding campaigns, where the product is still in the development phase. and they make you wait a year.

Is streaming the game worth it?

These types of consoles give meaning to solutions such as Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce Now, since it allows us to access the entire catalog of games in a very easy and fast way. In addition, those who have a gaming PC will find the Abxylute an ideal companion, since they will be able to stream from the PC and continue playing their games in a very comfortable way, and with fantastic performance.

If you dreamed of being able to continue playing the game you left on your PC in bed, with this console you can do it without problems with solutions such as Steam Link, the Xbox application, PS Remote Play,

Fountain: Kickstarter – Abxylute

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