This portable monitor is ideal for your console or as a second PC screen

Surely we have ever needed a monitor or a second screen and we did not have it at hand. For example, if we want to play the console, and the TV is busy at home, or if we are working on the computer and we need more space than usual to open windows and work better. A standard monitor is very cumbersome, complicated to move and uncomfortable to use. Therefore, if we do not want this to happen again, do not miss this bargain and get this portable monitor on offer.

ARZOPA It is one of the brands that is becoming more known in the market for portable screens. This manufacturer stands out for offering quality products, which have nothing to envy to other well-known brands with also portable screens, at a much cheaper price than a standard monitor can cost. We can find from full HD screens up to gaming monitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 4K portable monitors.

Today, we bring you one of the most basic models from this manufacturer, a Full HD screen, perfect for both work and leisure, which, for just a few hours, you can get with a 22% discount.

Don’t miss out on this portable monitor

The ARZOPA A1 SLIM is a monitor specially designed for work. It has a 14-inch IPS LED panel, a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. It weighs approximately 1.5 kg and measures 32 x 19 x 0.5 cm.


The standard price of this screen is 160 euros. However, thanks to this 22% discount offer, we can get hold of it for just 124.65 euros. A real bargain. In addition, since the product is shipped by Amazon, it falls within the benefits of Prime and we do not have to wait for it to be shipped from China.

If we are looking for a larger model, we can also find the ARZOPA A1 MAX model at a discount. This screen is practically the same as the previous one, with the main difference that it has a 17.3-inch IPS LED panel, considerably larger than the previous one. Its standard price is 240 euros, but it has, for a limited time, a 15% discount so we can get hold of it for only 204.99 euros.

If we are looking for a special model for Gaming, the ARZOPA ‎G1-GAME is not on sale, but it does have a coupon from the seller that allows us to save 30 euros on its final price. This screen stands out for having an IPS LED panel with Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, making it perfect for gaming. Its price, 219.99 euros. But, with the seller’s coupon, we can get it for 189.99 euros. A bargain.

Finally, if we want to go to the TOP range, we can find the ARZOPA P5 with a discount coupon of 30 euros, which allows us to get it for 269.99 euros. This model stands out, above all, for having a 4K resolutionHDR, and 100% Adobe color gamut.

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