This portable SNES is the most original we’ve ever seen

Super Nintendo is one of those consoles that gamers more veterans who were already hitting shots in the 90s remember with special affection. 16-bit technology, a powerful color palette, dreamy sound and graphic modes that no other machine of those years had. The result is one of the most complete and remembered game catalogs eversomething that you can relive with this creature that has just appeared on social networks.

But what *$&*#@ is this?

What you can see in the attached photos is neither more nor less than a Super Nintendo with a portable setup that includes the original controller, a very flat screen and a structure that respects the main lines of the original design created by the Japanese company. And the author of such an artifact is none other than NIWAchannelwho has taken advantage of his Twitter account to offer us a detailed explanation of how he has been assembling each part until creating that original design.

Obviously, you will have guessed that he used three different elements to build it: an original Super Nintendo gamepad, a commercial cartridge and part of the top case of the SNES Mini that was released five years ago. Precisely, it also takes the operating system created by the Japanese to display the games on the screen, as well as the game management menus, ROMs, etc.

Right here below you can see this portable model in action.

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October 05, 2022 • 06:50

Your full specifications

This SNES portable features a 4.3-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio which is mainly used to show the emulator interface, since the games will later be displayed in the traditional way that we all enjoyed on the old tube TVs, that is, with a manual 4:3, leaving in this case black bands to the sides. The power supply connects to the bottom of the gamepad via a USB-C connector and even two adjustable speakers have been installed to hear all the sound in perfect stereo.

Of course, for reasons of space, the author of this wonder has had to move the two buttons L and R from its original position to a new one on the back of the gamepad, transforming that elongated look into two circular buttons that look like sticks control analogs.


As you can see, the engineering work is (almost) wonderful and turns the old Super Nintendo design into something more current, that adopts that form factor that many mobile users use daily to enjoy video games, such as adding a control pad and a support to use the screen of your smartphone horizontally, as if it were a portable console.

Needless to say, unfortunately for all of us, this model will not be marketed and it is simply the work of a talented handyman to transform the old design of one of the most influential consoles in the history of video games into a portable one. Don’t tell us you don’t feel like building one.

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