This Portal Sentry is a Raspberry Pi surveillance camera

They build a Portal sentry with a Raspberry pi

Currently there are surveillance cameras of all kinds. There are them of greater or lesser quality, more or less expensive, also with very varied designs and sizes, etc. It could practically be said that there is a solution of this type for each user and their particular needs.

However, there is always someone to whom all these commercial proposals do not fully satisfy. So taking advantage of existing technologies you will create your own surveillance cameras. Although everything has to be said and few you will find as striking as this Sentry Picam, even less if you are a Portal fan.

Yes, this user considered performing a security camera that was like a turret. That is, like one of those robots or three-legged turrets from Valve’s Portal game. And he did it, managing to carry out the project and, in addition, make it completely portable by including an external battery that would power the low consumption of the Raspberry Pi and the one that can be generated by performing an action as specific as sending video through a WiFi connection.

How to create your own Sentry Picam

Are you interested in the project? Do you like the result? Well, you should know that you can create yours or your own rather. Because on GitHub you have everything you need to carry out this project, from the creation of the surveillance system to the housing that shape this three-legged robot.

The surveillance camera is achieved thanks to a Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Raspberry camera module that allows capture video at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second. Thanks to the fact that it incorporates a WiFi connection, it can be accessed wirelessly from any web browser.

To make it portable and you can place it anywhere you want, an external battery was placed inside it, which provides the necessary current to operate both the camera and the Raspberry Pi. Of course, a motion sensor was also added so that the camera is activated when it detects the presence of someone within its field of action.

And then there is the issue of housing design, which on this occasion is carried out, as in many other projects, by using a 3D printer. You just have to go to Thingverse and download the corresponding files with each of the pieces that will allow you to build your Portal Sentry Turret.

On the Sentry Picam project page created by TinkerTurtle you have everything you need, even the configuration files for the Raspbeery Pi software. So it’s just a matter of gathering the materials and patiently getting down to work. when you finish you will have a surveillance camera that all your friends will envy if they are fans of Portal and videogames.

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