This printer, recommended by Amazon, includes free ink and is a bargain

Many are the users who do not contemplate having a printer at home, due to the low or practically non-existent use that they will give it due to past experiences. However, at present, printers are no longer a device with a single function, since, in addition, it also allows us to use them as a photocopier and to scan all kinds of documents and photos.

Although the use of digital certificates has increased a lot in recent years, especially after the coronavirus pandemic, it is still necessary to present physical documentation for many procedures. Finding copy shops is becoming more and more complicated, but if we have one Multifunction printer, we will never have the need to be aware of looking for the closest one, waiting for it to open and so on. If we are looking for a printer that also allows us to scan documents and photos and, incidentally, make photocopies, the printer we are looking for is the HP Deskjet 4120e, the printer that Amazon recommends and that also offers a free 6-month subscription to Instant Ink.

HP Deskjet 4120e All-in-One Printer

The HP Deskjet 4120e multifunction printer includes a flatbed scanner which allows us to scan any type of document. But it also includes a document inboxwhich will allow us to scan up to a maximum of 60 pages automatically and where we only have to enter the documents and wait for the corresponding PDF file or images in JPG or PNG format to be generated if what we want to scan are photographs.

This model allows print on both sides of a folio In addition, we can take advantage of the free ink offer that HP makes available to us in which they offer us up to 6 months of ink consumption. The HP Deskjet 4120e is a printer that includes Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow us to print without having to connect it to the computer, and that we can also take advantage of to print from any mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

The usual price of this printer is 89.90 euros, however, it currently has a discount of 18% and we can find it for only 73.99 euros.

Other options

If we do not plan to invest so much money in a printer, this same manufacturer also offers us a version, slightly lower with the Deskjet 2720e model, a printer that does not have an input tray for scanning documents, but does include the same scanning and copier functions as well as double-sided printing. It also includes support for Wi-Fi connectivity and the offer of 6 months of free ink.

Hp DeskJet 2720e

The HP Deskjet 2720e can currently be found on Amazon for 56.99 euroswhich represents a discount on its usual price of 12%.

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