this printer will allow you to have your favorite images on paper

When printing our documents, whatever type they are, we can use general devices or something more specific. For example, now we are going to talk about a printer especially designed for your photos And it’s also on sale.

Surely many of you have a device of this type connected to your PC, either via USB or by Wifi, to print your text documents. That printer can be based on laser or inkjet technology, but its main purpose is basically the same. We refer to the printing of Word, Excel or PDF quickly and easily. However, sometimes it may be the case that we want to put some of our favorite photos on paper.

It is true that with a printer or conventional all-in-one we achieved good results in this regard. But it can also be the case that we want to go a step further and obtain almost professional photographs with our photos. That is precisely where devices such as the one we are going to show you below come into play. Specifically, we refer to the photographic printer Canon Selphy CP1300.

The first thing to keep in mind is that to obtain the best results in this regard, this is a device that is based on sublimation technology. This way we will have an almost professional photographic result directly from our home. We are talking about a printer that we can use both through a connection USB like in shape wireless comfortably on our PC. It is worth noting that we will have maximum control over the printing process thanks to everything that this product offers us.

Print your favorite photos comfortably at home

Likewise, we must bear in mind that, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, this canon printer can print up to 25 color photos per minute. This is a value that is increased to 41 images in the event that we use its black and white mode. The machine has its own LCD screen in order to manage its different functions in a professional and effective way. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, we will be able to preview the images before taking them out on paper.

We must not confuse this device with bulky conventional printers, since we must bear in mind that this one has a weight only 2 kg. This means that we can transport it and take it from one place to another comfortably. Another section that we should know is that this printer accepts a maximum paper size of 13 x 19 inches where we can capture our favorite photos.

At this point we are going to focus on its cost. in these moments amazon offers us this Canon photo printer for less than 100 euros. To give you an idea, this will mean a saving of more than 40 euros on its original price, so many of you could take advantage of the offer.

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