This problem when downloading torrent is very common, that’s how easy you fix it

On the net we can find many programs, each one with its own qualities, to download all kinds of torrent files. And even though uTorrent is one of the best known and used, there is an alternative client, totally free and open source, called qBittorrent. This program stands out for being very light, fast and stable. But, it is a bit chaotic when it comes to installing the versions on the computer, since on its website we can find several versions of the program. Therefore, if we do not have the correct version installed on the PC, we can find ourselves with problems when downloading files from the P2P network.

When we go to download qBittorrent on Windows, we find a good variety of versions: one for 32 bits, another for 64 bits, one with Qt5, another with Qt6, experimental versions… which one is correct? The first download link that appears corresponds to a generic installer for 32 and 64 bits. But it will install the Qt5 version, since it is the one that is considered the most stable. But this version can give us problems.

Qt is a framework of development specially designed to develop all kinds of applications, both with a graphical interface and for use by commands or in terminal. This framework is used, above all, in open source applications, since it is very easy to launch the same program for different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS and Linux. And it requires no additional configuration or dependencies.

The latest versions of qBittorrent, based on Qt5, are causing problems when opening some torrent files. Especially those recently created. We may encounter problems such as halfway through the download, a message appears indicating that corrupt data has been detected and the download is cancelled, or that every time we close the program (by turning off the PC, for example), the download disappears .

If this is our case, we can fix it very easily.

Install qBittorrent with Qt6

This version is also based on libtorrent 1.2.x (RC_1_2 branch), so, in terms of operation, we will have the same functions and features. The difference is that by installing the Qt6 dependency, we get rid of those problems.

If we do not have the program installed on the computer, simply download it from its website (we must make sure that it is the “Qt6 installer”, and that the file name puts “Qt6”), and install it on our computer. If we already have a previous version of the program installed, with Qt5, installing this version will automatically uninstall the previous one, and the configurations and torrents that are being downloaded will be saved, so we shouldn’t have any problems.

Overwrite qBittorrent installation

Once the installation is finished, we can open the program to start using it. To verify that we are indeed using the version with Qt6, we simply have to open the About panel, and look for the “Used Software” tab. Here we will see the used version of the framework.

qBittorrent Qt6

We will now be able to download torrent without any problem. And, every time a new version comes out, we can update directly from the notice that will appear.

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