This program helps you to download MEGA files easily

It is true that it is possible to download files directly from MEGA, although this process is not always fast and it is not capable of making the most of our connection. To get better performance, MEGA Link Downloader is a tool with which you can download more efficiently. For it makes use of all the connections that our network allows from the site, by default setting the maximum possible connections for a single file. This makes downloading files from Mega as fast as possible.

Among its main characteristics, it should be noted that it integrates a smart download logic accelerator, which has intelligent dynamic file segmentation and secure download technology in various parts to speed it up to the maximum. It also has complementary functions such as the possibility of recover and resume downloads after a problem or failure in the network, as well as unexpected power outages. In addition, it allows you to create a queue with several files without having to constantly control them from the browser tabs.

Configure and download with MEGA Link Downloader

When you install and run the program, its main menu appears, with a complete graphical interface and only in English, which can make its use difficult for some users. However, it’s pretty simple, so overall it’s pretty easy to use.

At the top we find a series of tabs that will help us add links, pause and resume downloads. At the bottom we find two panels reserved for the list of downloaded files, the queue and the completed operations.

Configure the app

It is important to start by configuring the program, for which we must click on the “Settings” button, which we find at the top of the main menu. This will bring up a new configuration window.

For example, in the section “Download Directory”, we select the path where we want the downloads to be saved by default. In the option of «Simultaneous Download», we must establish the maximum number of simultaneous downloads that we are going to be able to carry out. And in «Max connection Number», we establish the maximum number of connections that we establish with the MEGA servers in order to obtain greater speed.

At the bottom we can check the boxes “Autostart download at start” that will allow the application to start downloading as soon as it is opened, and that of “Play sound when download finished”, which will notify us with a sound once the download is finished.

Once the configuration is finished, click on “Save” to save the changes made.

start downloading

To start downloading files we can start by logging into our account and thus avoid the limits for anonymous users. This is something that we will do by clicking on the “Account” tab.

MEGA Link Downloader add account

Then click on the tab «Add Link» where we should paste the links that we want to download. As the application allows downloading in batches, we can add as many as we want and they will be downloaded simultaneously up to the maximum number that we have previously configured.

MEGA Link Downloader add link

Once added, the program will take care of processing and identifying what each one corresponds to. This will make a list appear with all the files that are included in the link. From here we can mark or unmark different parts of the content so that only the files that really interest us are downloaded.

MEGA Link Downloader downloading file

Once we have everything correct, we only have to click on the button “Start”, which will start the download. Now we only have to wait for it to finish and when this happens we will have all the content saved and available in the download directory that we have previously configured in the Settings section.

Bypass “Over Quota” problems in MEGA

As many regular users will already know, the platform has long since implemented a series of limitations to those who make use of the free version of the cloud. In this way they intend to avoid indiscriminate and unlimited downloads from the platform, so that those who want to make more intense use of it end up subscribing to their payment plans.

That is why, on occasion, we can lead to receiving the Over Quota error message. In this case, the solution would be to use a new IP address when resuming downloads. This is something that we can achieve by restarting our router or by searching the network for a faster HTTP proxy that allows us to continue downloading from this platform without limits and without the need to have any MEGA account.

Free Download MEGA Link Downloader

MEGA Link Downloader is a program gratuitous that we can download by clicking on this link. Its use is compatible with modern versions of the Microsoft operating system such as Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 / 11, for which it is essential to have it installed. .NET Framework 4.7.2. Currently its latest version available is 3.0, having passed more than a year since its last update.

Its installation is extremely simple, since we only have to execute the downloaded file. When executing it, it is possible that, since the package is not signed, Windows will show us a warning message, indicating that the file may be dangerous. However, we can skip it and continue as we have verified with VirusTotal that the file is safe.

Other alternatives

If we are looking for a program with which to optimize our downloads with MEGA, we can opt for other alternatives such as:


We are talking about an official MEGA client that will allow us to synchronize our files in the cloud, and upload files to our personal account. We can configure upload preferences, it shows us an available summary of the account and allows us to set limits for each transfer. Also, it supports both free and paid plan. We can download MEGASync from this link on its official page.


It is a file download manager from MEGA. With it we can organize the download of files, facilitating file transfers between our computer and its servers. With it, we can pause, stop and resume any download and make the most of our bandwidth to download files in batches as quickly as possible. We can download MegaDownloader free for Windows.

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