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The solution to this problem is much simpler than it seems and it is not necessary to manually create a list with the URL, username and password to take them to another application or, simply, to always have them at hand in a file, although it is not the best method.

Export Google Chrome passwords

Google Chrome does not allow us to generate a file with the websites, username and password that we have stored in the browser, it only allows us to access that information as long as we know the PIN of our team. If we plan to start using a password manager, if we do not want to be forced to enter all this data manually and incidentally, to avoid making mistakes during the process, the best thing we can do is use an application to export all the passwords stored in Chrome with their corresponding data.

One of the best apps to do it is ChromePass. ChromePass is a simple application that does not need to be installed on your computer, an application that is responsible for reading all the passwords stored in Chrome along with the URL and the username. All this data is displayed in the application in the form of a column and allows us to order this information based on the user, the password, the URL. In addition, it tells us if the password is strong or weak. It does not allow us to modify them, that is, it is read-only, so if our intention is to export that data to another application and we want to eliminate unnecessary data, first of all, we must clean it from Chrome.

ChromePass allows us to generate a plain, unformatted text file that we can later import into any application to manage passwords. But, if we only want to export the data to have a copy, we can also do it using the HTML format, a much easier format to view in a raw file. Regardless of the format we use, we must be clear that this information is very valuable to anyone with malicious purposes, so we must protect access to this data by placing it in a secure folder or deleting the file once we have imported the data into the manager. of passwords that we want to use.

chromepass - export chrome passwords

To create a text file with all the passwords stored in Chrome, we just have to select the records that we want to export, click on File and then select the option Save selected items. If we want to generate a file in HTML format, once the records have been selected, we place the mouse over them, click with the right mouse button to select the option HTML Report – Selected Items. We can also perform this action without selecting the records to export all in one file in HTML format.

ChromePass is a completely free application that we can download from its website that we can access from here. The application is in English, but from that same website we can download the translation in a compressed file with .ini format that we must place in the same folder where we have the application.

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