This program makes Windows 10 and 11 an ultra-private system that does not spy on you

Privacy has always been an issue that has concerned Windows users. But, since the release of Windows 10, this has gotten too bad. Both 10 and the new Windows 11 collect too much information from all the users who use it on a daily basis, which has always worried users. Since configuring all the privacy options in Windows is quite complicated, and in the end everything is not perfect, users have created tools that allow us to easily configure everything with a few clicks. And the best is, without a doubt, DoNotspy11.

DoNotspy was born in 2015, just after Windows 10 hit the market. Since then, donotspy10 it has become one of the best programs to configure all the privacy options of the operating system, disabling all types of telemetry and limiting the information that Microsoft can obtain from us simply by using its operating system.

With the arrival of Windows 11, this program was updated to allow us to limit all the data collection of the new Microsoft operating system, and took the opportunity to change the name to DoNotspy11. This program is now capable of blocking all data collection from both Windows 10 and Windows 11, allowing us to turn both operating systems into environments that respect our privacy.

The problem is that official support for the latest versions of the systems takes a while to arrive. But starting today, we can finally use DoNotspy11 to configure and limit telemetry from 22H2 versions both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Configure Windows privacy with DoNotspy11

Undoubtedly, the main novelty of version 1.1 of this program is the support for the 22H2 update (Moment 2) of Windows 11 and Windows 10 22H2 (19045). Otherwise, there have been some minor changes to the program, some policies have been updated, but not many other relevant changes to the program.

Can find all privacy options properly organized. First everything related to Windows ads, as well as the system permissions to the different user data, and also all the privacy options of Windows, Edge and Office. Each of the privacy options has a color code that allows us to know what happens with each option:

  • Blue: It is safe to change the option, and it will not cause any problems.
  • Orange: we may have problems, so we must read the documentation.
  • Red: The change is not recommended.
  • Grey: The option has changed since the last time the program was run.

All the changes are made from the registry or from the system policies, so, unlike other programs, it does not modify internal system files, so we will not have problems in this regard, and we can revert any of the changes. in seconds.


This program is completely free for all users, and we can download it without problems from the following link. Although it is not in Spanish, it is very well understood how it works, so we will not have problems using it with little knowledge of English.

We must make sure download version 1.1 of this programsince it is the one that best allows us to configure the privacy of the 22H2 versions of the operating system, the latest to date, and it will give us fewer problems.

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