This puzzle game is inspired by the inventory of Resident Evil 4

The saga resident Evil It has been reinvented on multiple occasions, always looking for its touch of freshness and trying not to burn out its loyal audience. For the same reason, its 8 main titles can have great differences between them. One of the most elaborate details of Resident Evil 4 It was his inventory system. Instead of depicting infinite pockets or a backpack, Capcom went a lot harder by creating a minigame where we had to fit all of our items on a grid to be able to carry them around. The idea was great, but many players became desperate during their games. Now a developer has created a indie game based just on this Resident Evil minigame.

Save Room – Organization Puzzlea game to test nostalgia

Every video game has its inventory system. In games like Pokémon, you can carry anything you want with you. In Fallout you can carry more items than you count, but you will start to walk very slowly when you exceed the limit – unless you mess up, of course. And in others like Residentevil 4, its developers decided that it would be the player’s ability that would determine the total number of items they could carry. How? Then turning inventory management into a minigame. If you were good at puzzles, you could carry more weapons than another player who was poor at puzzles. An idea to take off the hat, by the way.

Inspired by just this characteristic of Resident Evil 4, Fractal Projects has developed Save RoomOrganization Puzzlea video game in which we will have to fit weapons, ammunition and medical objects such as bandages in very limited grids.

game features

Title Save Room is a very minimalist game, but retains many of the mechanics of Resident Evil 4. For example, we can introduce the ammunition inside the rifle to free up space or make healing objects by combining herbs and thus also gain space. The game can be enjoyed regardless of whether Resident Evil has been played or not, but players who try Save Room without knowing the survival-horrorthey will have to do much more trial and error to pass the levels, because the crafting It is vital to be able to correctly organize each level. On the other hand, there are many players who say they have had a good time playing Save Roombecause they had forgotten many of the mechanics of the inventory system of Resident Evil 4 and they have remembered them little by little with these mini-games.

At the moment, Save Room has a total of 40 levels. The difficulty of them is ascending, and things get pretty tricky around the end of the game. The title is available on Steam and it costs 1.59 euros, although at the moment it has a 20% discount. The game was released on April 28, that is, very recently, but the Internet has already been filled with positive comments towards this title. It would not be strange if Fractal Projects ended up adding new levels or removing DLC ​​to further complicate the experience with this game.

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