this reviewer never heard of the game before the movie, the internet can’t believe it

Pete Hammond was certainly thinking of posting a review like any other when talking about the Tetris movie. This was without counting his introduction, where he states in all humility that he had never heard of the cult game of his life before the biopic of Apple TV +. It was enough to generate reactions as surprised as amused in spades.

It’s hard to miss the latest event film from Apple TV+, which traces the incredible story behind the creation of the cult Tetris. More difficult still, if not impossible, to have never heard of, even remotely, this game which literally disrupted the video game industry when it was released in 1984. Pete Hammond managed to pull off this latest feat, however, in what is surely the funniest story of the week.

Pete Hammond is, among other activities, a film critic for the renowned site Deadline. This Wednesday, March 15, it is he who is responsible for writing his impressions of the biopic of Apple TV +. Its introduction is we couldn’t be more humble. “Stick me a lawsuit, but not only have I never played Tetris, the iconic video game of the 80s, but I had also never heard of it before discovering this film”he admits in the preamble.

We found the only person who doesn’t know Tetris

As honest as it is, this confession has, to say the least, surprised more than one. How in 2023 could someone with an internet connection and a heightened knowledge of pop culture theory miss out on the Tetris sensation all these years? This is a question that many Internet users have been asking themselves for a few days, to the point, sometimes, of wondering if this statement would not be a big joke.

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Unfortunately, the internet being the internet, some are getting much more outspoken about Pete Hammond, moving away from mere fun at the situation. Nevertheless, the latter is full of praise for the film in his review, further claiming that his “lack of knowledge about [Tetris ne l’a] not prevented from being entertained by the film ». We can’t wait for him to discover World of Warcraft and its adaptation to the cinema.

Source : Deadline

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