This robot solves the daily Wordle for you (with a Raspberry)

It’s been more than 2 months wordle became popular all over the world. The truth is that the game was an original bet, with some difficulty and built in a very creative way. However, the success got out of hand to its own creator. What started as a quick entertainment created for his partner, a lover of crossword puzzles and all kinds of pastimes with words, became a headache for Josh Wardle, who ended up selling the invention to the New York Times. Since then, we’ve seen all sorts of games based on Wordle, like completely wacky themed versions. However, no thematic Wordle is as absurd as the draft who has carried out the youtuber atomic14.

Is today’s Wordle complicated? This robot gives you a hand

If you have already tired of Wordle, it is normal. For the first few weeks, the game had its share of difficulty. However, after studying the twenty best words to start with, seeing all sorts of variations of the game, and reading about multiple strategies for solve the puzzle, the truth is that solving the five-letter daily riddle that hides under the Wordle has no mystery. It is not surprising that, in social networks, there are fewer and fewer users who publish their results with the Wordle of the day.

While most users are starting to get tired of Wordle, others are still thinking about it to scratch visits. During the last few months, YouTube has been filled with videos with strategies to solve the game. And, by way of grace, the youtuber atomic14 has published a video in which he teaches how to solve the Wordle… with a robot. And no, it is not a simple program to help you solve the game. Or an artificial intelligence that plays for you. He has literally created a robotic arm armed with cameras and sensors for you to solve the game on your mobile.

How does the bot work?

The robot uses cameras to scan the screen of the mobile phone in matrix form, although atomic14 has racked his brain a lot in this step, since his robot only allows grayscale input. Then through multiple algorithmshe enters the words in a software designed by him that integrates the Wordle dictionary.

Finally, use a kind of robotic arm which is equipped with a touch stylus pen to mark the letters and enter the words in the game. According to the statistics that the user himself has shown, his robot usually hits approximately the fourth line.

The robot brain is a raspberry piand the software used by atomic14 is programmed in python and it’s possible download for free on their GitHub page. In that same post he explains how you can get the program working, as well as the dependencies that are needed to get PiCamera working. However, we doubt that anyone will make their own robotic arm to do something as absurd as playing Wordle, but the invention demonstrates the capabilities of the user and what can be done by combining robotics and a bit of software.

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