This robot vacuum cleaner does everything and costs less than 200 euros on sale

Household chores stopped being so heavy since the advent of robot vacuum cleaners. With these smart devices, some homes may not completely replace the work of a broom or manual mop, but helping, they help. So if you still don’t have a smart vacuum cleaner at this point, it’s better than taking advantage of this offer from the yeedi 2 hybrid.

Vacuum and scrub. At the same time

With a suction power of 2,500 Pa, the yeedi 2 hybrid will take care of picking up all the dirt on the floor, including pet hair. But the most interesting thing is that it also offers simultaneous scrubbing functions, allowing you to be vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time.

To achieve this you have 2 independent tanks 240 ml and 430 ml for water and powder respectively, which will allow you to program complete tasks without having to change tanks or waste time preparing the machine.

Smart against obstacles

yeedi robot vacuum cleaner

Its navigation mapping system has Visual-SLAM technology, which allows you to make a complete home search and optimize cleaning to obtain more efficient results. Thus, when he has to return to the base, he will do so effectively and quickly, as well as being able to organize the cleaning in a more orderly way.

To complete the smart profile, this robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with Google Assistant and AlexaTherefore, we can program the cleaning of the house with a simple voice command, in addition to being able to create more complex schedules that include other smart devices that we have at home.

its 5,200 mAh battery It promises jobs of up to 200 minutes in duration, although if you need to return to base to recharge your batteries in some of these jobs, you will pick up your job right where you left off.

Control from mobile

yeedi robot vacuum cleaner

All the functions of this robot vacuum cleaner must be be controlled from the mobile through its official application. If you want me to vacuum a specific room, you will only have to indicate it on the map generated by the robot from the application, so that your personal assistant will take care of everything. In addition, we can create forbidden areas so that the robot does not pass through certain areas, since this will prevent, for example, that the mop passes through a carpet or that it vacuums through places that do not interest us.

How much does the yeedi 2 hybrid cost?

yeedi robot vacuum cleaner

The usual price of this robot vacuum cleaner is 299.99 euros, however, thanks to the discount it enjoys on Amazon and the additional discount code that is offered, the robot remains in some more than interesting 199.99 euros, an amount with which you can hardly find robots as complete as this one. To enjoy this fantastic price you must apply the coupon of 70 euros discount which is offered directly on Amazon, so just click and add the device to the cart so you can buy the product at the best price.

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