This scam arrives by e-mail and slips one of the worst threats

Hackers often use email extensively to launch security attacks. It is a simple, fast means and can also reach many hypothetical victims. In this article we echo a new scam that uses e-mail and tries to sneak in one of the most dangerous threats: the lockbit ransomware. To achieve this, it is based on a strategy that we are going to explain. Luckily, as you will see, it is very easy to avoid this problem and others like it.

LockBit via fake email

We can say that LockBit is one of the most dangerous ransomware and has caused the most problems. This type of malware is responsible for encrypt files that is on a computer or even the system. The victim loses control over all the content that they have stored and the attackers take advantage of this to demand a ransom in exchange and decrypt those files and documents.

To sneak a ransomware they can use different methods. In this case it is send an email that contains the malicious software. Now, what do they use as bait for the victim to download? That’s where the trick they’re using comes into play. It consists of warning the victim that they have been using multimedia files that are copyrighted and without legal consent.

The victim, who may think that they are really dealing with an important email and that they have committed some illegality, click on the link and download a document where, supposedly, all the information is found. That document comes in a zip file which is password protected and once opened it contains the PDF file that hides LockBit ransomware.

Since that PDF file is protected with a ZIP and password, it is less likely that an antivirus can detect it as a threat. Therefore, the attacker has a greater chance of success, of actually reaching the victim. And that’s where the problem begins, since once you open it, the payload of the LockBit 2.0 malware.

What to do to avoid this scam

What can you do to avoid being a victim of this scam? Luckily it really is easy to be protected. It is essential to keep the common sense and not make any kind of mistake. This will help you avoid the entry of LockBit ransomware and any others that may arrive through a simple email.

You should never open a link or download an email attachment without really knowing who is behind it. It doesn’t matter if they say there’s a problem, that an error needs to be fixed, or that you need to do something. That is exactly what cybercriminals use so that you do not have enough time to think and you can fall into the trap. Identifying a malicious email is essential.

It is also essential to have security programs. That will help detect threats of this type in case we accidentally download one. Using a good antivirus and also having the system updated can also come in handy against this type of malware that can arrive by email.

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