This script allows you to earn infinite credits in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is a game that we are loving (we will tell you about it soon), but if there is a common criticism that is being repeated among users, it is the annoying need to have a large amount of credits to be able to reach competent vehicles. This, which could be part of the gameplay, is actually evident after seeing the ridiculous rewards that the game offers. So someone has decided to fix the problem.

Free money in Gran Turismo 7

Tired of having to complete hundreds and hundreds of races to be eligible for a multi-million credit vehicle, the user septomotor from PSNProfiles decided to develop a small script that takes care of completing the races for you without you having to do anything. How? The trick is simpler than you might think. It is about having a very powerful vehicle, the SRT Tomahawk S VGT (that would be your only investment to make), compete in the pan american championship and play with your console through Remote Play, which will be the way from which a PC can have control of your PS5.

Gran Turismo Script

The configuration of the vehicle must also be very precise, since hard sports tires are required to complete the circuit correctly, while in the assistance settings some parameters have to be activated, at the same time in the control settings select the control of the directional pad steering wheel and other values ​​that you can see in the video below.

An automated hack

Grand Touring 7

With all the values ​​prepared and configured, you just have to start the race and press “Options” to place the cursor on the “Retry” option. With the cursor on this option, all you have to do is start the script so that everything runs in the background without having to pay attention to it.

From that moment on, the script takes care of completing the race automatically, and instead of continuing with the next one, it will cancel the championship and participate in it again to complete the same Blue Moon Bay Speedway circuit, which, as you know, is quite simple and has only 3 left curves.

How much money can be earned?

Gran Turismo Script

The number of credits that you can earn with this system has no limits, since it will continue until the moment you decide to stop the script. The pace of credit generation is 650,000 credits per hourso a night with the computer on could easily generate 6.5 million coins, or almost 16 million coins if you keep working for 24 hours.

It is illegal?

Technically this method is not violating any of the PlayStation Terms of Service, so in principle nothing should happen from using it. Another thing is that this method is considered to play dirty and with an advantage, since having infinite credits is not exactly the best thing to maintain the balance of the game.

One way or another, what has become clear is that users are very unhappy with the micropayment system which has been included in Grand Touring 7 and with which players can get credits in exchange for real money, a method that obviously hasn’t convinced almost anyone and that brings the game closer to an annoying pay-to-win.

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