This simple mistake will make you go crazy when working in Excel

These are applications that at the moment no longer need any presentation, since most of you have used them at some point. Whether at home or in the office, even in your education center, these types of tools are the most common. It is for all this reason that in these same lines we are going to focus on the one that perhaps imposes the most respect of all. Specifically, we refer to the spreadsheet application, Excel, which is integrated by default into the aforementioned suite of Microsoft.

This is a program designed to work perfectly in both professional and domestic environments. This allows us to carry out the accounting of a large company from the same application, to manage our domestic accounting and carry out simple accounts. Although initially his user interface and multiple functionalities can impose a little respect on us, it is one of the most useful and functional programs that we can find.

All we are going to need here is a little experience to carry out all kinds of projects.

Beware of this common error in Excel

There is no doubt that one of the most common uses in this program focuses on the use of formulas. These are the perfect complement to the numerical data that we are gradually introducing in our project of Excel. However, whether at a professional level or more as an end user, there is an error that can cause us more than one headache. We tell you this because it is one of the most common failures that usually occur in this program, and also the most simple or absurd.

Those of you who do not have much experience in using this application, we will tell you that we can use formulas or functions as simple as addition or subtraction. As the level or complexity of the project increases, the number and difficulty of these formulas will increase. We have a multitude of different formats for these elements at our fingertips. We can use financial formulas, logical, mathematical and trigonometric, etc.

However, no matter how much knowledge and experience we have with this particular Microsoft application, surely many of you continue to commit a simple mistake. In fact, sometimes it can cost us more than the account to find it. We mean something of the simplicity and obligation of adding the “=” sign before defining a custom formula. At first this may be a bit basic, and it is, but when we spend a lot of time in front of this program working with a multitude of data and formulas, that simple we end up forgetting.

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