This solid VPN is only €1.51 per month

ZenMate is no newcomer to the VPN market. This solution is one of the best in 2022 and is above all accessible at an advantageous price. Thanks to an 86% discount, the VPN sees its price drop to just €1.51 per month.

from 1.51€

Satisfied or refunded 30 days

4000 servers

Unlimited simultaneous connections

80 countries covered

More details

Zenmate Full Features.

– 86%


For 36 months

– 59%


For 12 months


During 1 month

ZenMate is owned by the Kape Technologies group, which owns two other VPN heavyweights on the market. These are CyberGhost and ExpressVPN. Although it is the least known of the three, ZenMate is still a quality VPN. Its price is the most accessible since it is displayed at €1.51 per month at the moment. A rate that allows those who want to protect their Internet traffic to do so at a low price.

The Internet environment is increasingly risky, especially if you often connect to public WiFi networks. It then becomes easy to intercept your communications and therefore potentially put your sensitive data at risk. To find more such options, you can visit this internetetsecurite website.

ZenMate: how to take advantage of 86% off

The monthly price of ZenMate is €10.99 per month. Corn the VPN is at -86% at the moment, which increases the price to €1.51 per month. To take advantage of this good plan, it’s simple. You just have to subscribe to the 3-year subscription (36 months) which makes you systematically eligible for the reduction. You will therefore pay 59 € in all for 36 months +3 months of services. Indeed, ZenMate offers you 3 additional months which brings the total to 39 months.

At this price, it is a really cheap VPN knowing that the most expensive in the field go up to more than 7 € per month for a long-term subscription. At ZenMate, if you find the 3-year subscription too long, it is still possible to subscribe to one year of service, but this time you will pay €4.49 per month, which is still much higher than the monthly rate for 39 months of service. To learn more, you should visit privacyinthenetwork.

What are the features of ZenMate?

ZenMate uses secure protocols like OpenVPN, with AES-256 encryption. This VPN offers you the choice between more than 4000 servers in 80 different countries. The other major advantage of ZenMate is its no log guarantee. In other words, it does not keep a log of your online activities. You can also use the VPN on a unlimited number of devices. The whole family can therefore enjoy it without restriction.

Finally, ZenMate is also an Android and iOS VPN. It can be used on all smartphones. The provider also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to test the solution as a free VPN for a month.

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