This Sony personal speaker is like carrying a koala on your back

Sony SRS-NB10, the personal speaker

There are many wireless speakers, but it is possible that if you are looking for a good sound experience and need the audio to chase you everywhere even when you change rooms, the traditional solutions will not serve you much. That is why Sony has devised this peculiar speaker in the form of an inverted collar that you will place by the body, although in reality it is not an original idea of ​​Sony, since this type of speakers, (called de kind neckband) They have been on the market for quite some time. Its peculiar U-shape and its placement make it one of the strangest loudspeakers that you can find in stores.

Sony’s proposal seeks to make life easier for those users who work from home and want the greatest possible comfort, without being forced to wear headphones over their ears, since in the end these models produce a lot of fatigue and do not allow you to work comfortably (for much that many models isolate the sound). By having the speaker on our shoulders, we will not completely disconnect with the outside, we will be able to continue doing other tasks, and we will enjoy the best personal sound at all times thanks to the placement of the speakers.

Comfortable sound

Sony Neckband NB10

The idea is that you can enjoy video calls, music and any type of multimedia reproduction in the most natural way possible, since the sound will be received through the speakers placed right on your neck, thus enjoying sound with great clarity. It also has several microphones to cancel feedback and echo in your calls, as well as an integrated keypad from which to manage the volume, mute the microphone, answer calls and control the music.

They weigh only 113 grams so they are quite light to carry, and when it comes to connecting them we can do it through Bluetooth 5.1. Its internal battery promises an autonomy of 20 hours, although in times of need we can get 1 hour of playback with 10 minutes of charge.

How much they cost?

Sony Neckband NB10

These SRS-NB10 (really, Sony, you are going to have to do something with the name of your devices), will go on sale from September 2021, and their official price will be 150 euros, which is nothing bad considering the peculiarity of these speakers, their design and the quality that Sony prints on their devices.

Available in charcoal gray or white, the design of these speakers completely breaks with everything we are used to seeing, since they could also be classified as a very peculiar wearable. Considering that they have IPX4 certification, this speaker is also resistant to splashes, although going for a run outside with them would be too much, don’t you think?

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