This spectacular 27-inch gaming monitor ideal for PS5 is at its lowest price

If you’re still looking for a monitor that works both to play and work with the computer and to connect a next-generation console, you better take a look at the incredible offer that arrives today with Amazon’s spring promotions. And it is that this BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710R reaches its historical minimum price, a promotion that will be difficult to reject if we take into account everything that it offers.

A monitor for real gaming

We know very well that the gaming public is usually the most demanding in terms of device performance, so when we talk about a monitor, the requests are usually many, and not especially easy to cover. That is why this monitor seems tremendously attractive to us, because it offers functions and specifications that many will be looking for.

On the one hand, we have a size of 27 inches with curved format with a radius of 1000R curvature, a very interesting size of large inches that is not extremely large like the ultrawide monitor models or the large 32-inch ones. In addition, it has a response time of 1ms, as well as compatibility with AMD FreeSync Pro and one QHD resolution 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

Fast, even for consoles


But if there is a detail that particularly attracts attention, it is its soft drink, since with 165Hz It will achieve super smooth images on PC, and can also reach 120 Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X with its HDMI port (but not in 4K, obviously). This allows it to position itself as an extremely interesting option for those users who are looking for a monitor for their PC and in which they can also connect a next-generation console without losing the opportunity to play at 120hz.

With a sound to surprise

But if the image is an important section in this monitor, the sound is not going to be less, since it has a 2.1 speaker system with which to offer two tweeters and an integrated subwoofer to offer a quality sound experience, controlled by a DSP chip with which to manage the sound and be able to calibrate up to 5 custom sound modes.

The best gaming monitor?

Although you can find models with superior features on the market, its spectacular cover letter and the 34% discount it currently enjoys make it the most interesting option today to be able to get a quality monitor that meets your needs. gaming for only €299. For that reason, we believe that it is a highly recommended purchase. Of course, the problem of having to look for a Ps5 or an Xbox Series X will continue to exist if you still do not have one of these video game monsters.

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