This Stephen King Book Could Hold The Key To Stranger Things S5

Without any doubt, one of the greatest inspirations for the highly successful Netflix series stranger things have been the novels of the North American writer Stephen King. Without going any further, the whole concept of a group of children who come together to defeat a cosmic entity from another world Looks like something straight out of the pages of a novel. Item or, also, within this last fourth season, we can find several scenes in which Eleven gets angry and tries to use her powers without success, clearly inspired by the novel by carrie.

Stephen King, undoubted inspiration

Of course, before continuing we are going to spoil very heavily this season, so if you haven’t finished volume 2 of the fourth installment in the series, please proceed with caution.

The fact is that the influence of this author in the series is more present than ever in the final moments of season four, when we see Lucas reading a book to a Max who is in a coma after Vecna’s attack. This novel that we can see on the screen is The talisman, published in 1984 and co-written by King. The appearance of this title within the series is not a coincidence, rather a reference to the fact that the Duffer brothers, creators of stranger thingswill be in charge of adapting this story for Netflix soon.

The talisman tells us the story of a boy who must travel to another dimension known as The Territories to find a magic crystal capable of saving his mother, who is mortally ill. This story reminds us in several aspects of Netflix’s eighties fiction, which makes us think that this novel may have some of the keys to understanding the fifth and final season of the series.

Parallels with the novel

Without going any further, the concept of The Territories is practically identical to the Mundo Del Revés, a land that lives on a plane next to ours and with some more gloomy touches. However, in King’s novel, this dimension has its own inhabitants, the twinnersevil versions of the people who inhabit our world.

It is this fact that has led some to to theorize that in the next season we could have evil duplicates hanging around out there. Although in the version of stranger things the other dimension is not inhabited, some characters like Barb or Eddie have died there, and even Vecna’s victims, whose corpses we can see are stored in the villain’s mental palace. Who tells us that Vecna ​​couldn’t reanimate them all and send them to our world as his evil minions?

Also, the concept of The Talisman is very interesting. It may be that in the last season, our protagonist group must enter the Upside Down World to find an artifact magic capable of ending Vecna’s reign of terror, something very similar to what happens in Stephen King’s novel that, we repeat, could have the answers to what we have yet to see in the Duffer brothers’ fiction.

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