This Super Mario ROM brings Celeste’s gameplay to the SNES

Some say that 2D Super Mario died the day Nintendo decided to launch super mario maker. However, the two dimensional platforms They still have their audience. It is the case of Light bluewhich, despite looking like a game from the early 90s, was released in 2018. This week, the Extremely OK Game title turns four years old, and a famous creator of ROM hacks has decided to make a tribute to the video game creating a unique fusion between Light blue Y Super Mario.

Why Celeste triumphs among Super Mario fans?

Naked eye, Light blue is a platform game more, just excessively convoluted. However, Maddy Thorson, its creator, gave the title a story much more complex than that of a Super Mario. In Celeste we will control Madelinea girl with depression who tries to climb the Celestial Mountain to face his inner turmoil and isovercome your fears and panic attacks. Along the way you will find highly dangerous situations. She will also meet various characters, including a hostile version of herself, who has been created by the mountain.

The game was created in just four days in a Game Jam, that is, in a competition where video game programmers concentrate to create a title within a limited time. The creators of Light blue they managed to prepare 30 levels with a fairly high difficulty. They were mainly inspired by the classic Super Nintendo games, specifically the last levels of many video games that, back then, were much more difficult than they are today. Ultimately, the game was released for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and computers (Windows, Linux, and even macOS).

The game he succeeded in his nichebut it did it especially among that public that was dedicated to trying to overcome the craziest levels created by the community of Super Mario Maker. For a time, the plumber’s game had two types of users: those who dedicated themselves to creating levels that they considered impossible to beat and the experts in platform games who, just a few weeks later, uploaded a video to YouTube showing how they had achieved meet the challenge.

Celeste.smc. Cook fusion between Celeste and Super Mario to test your reflexes

light blue super mario mod.

combining Light blue, Super Mario Worldits mechanics and a bit of the madness of mario makerthe creator of video game ROMs MarkAlarm has developed its own Tribute to Celeste on the occasion of her fourth anniversary. It’s called Celeste.smc, and it’s a game for Super NES. Use the basis of Super Mario World and after dedicating more than a thousand hours to programming and some 22,000 lines of code, he has achieved a really unique game. We will handle a Mario that maintains his mechanics, but has acquired some of Madeleine’s movements. And his world is now one mix between the mountain full of danger and the universe full of pipes and blocks from Super Mario. In this hack We will have to climb walls, go through huge screens where there is no floor, and where an error will take us back to the beginning of the level. Not to mention that it will be necessary to have enough skill with the buttons to synchronize our movements with those of the objects that appear on the screen.

The mod It was posted a few days ago developer twitter accountwhere he took the opportunity to congratulate the birthday of Light blue.

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