This system is identical to macOS, but you can install it on any PC

There are many things that draw attention to macOS: its neat appearance, its ecosystem, its stability, its performance… but, of course, one of the most representative factors of this operating system is its exclusivity. And it is that Apple only allows it to be installed on its own computers, whether they are desktop Macs or portable Macbooks. It is impossible (unless we resort to Hackintosh) to install this operating system on a normal computer. It is even complicated to install it in a virtual machine. But, thanks to this, we can find excellent projects that seek to bring us the purest possible experience to our PC. Y helloSystem is a clear example of this.

helloSystem is a new operating system that seeks to bring the macOS experience to any computer. To do this, its developers have opted for a FreeBSD operating system (not Linux, like other similar systems), on which they have implemented all kinds of customizations (such as their own graphical environment, hellodesktop) and adjustments to achieve an experience as similar to the Apple operating system possible. Thanks to the use of FreeBSD, the developers have managed to offer a system that is as free as possible, without traps or secrets.

HelloSystem Desk

The main characteristics that we can highlight of this system are:

  • A system based on FreeBSD 13.0 very easy to install and start.
  • Fast and lightweight operating system to run on any machine.
  • Native support for NVIDIA graphics, both modern and old.
  • Support for exFAT drives.
  • Default Falkon browser, with the possibility of installing Chromium.
  • System alerts.
  • Support to turn volume and brightness up and down with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Linux Runtime – Allows you to run Linux programs on FreeBSD.

As we can see, this system imitates the appearance of the original macOS very well: it has its own application dock, the top menu bar, similar icons and colors, the appearance of inspired windows, etc. A perfect alternative for all those who want to give it a try.

How to download it

We can find all the versions to download this system in the following link. The last stable version dates from December 2021, a year ago: 0.7.0. It is important to keep in mind that this is the most stable and recommended version, since it will be the one that will give us the least problems. However, if we prefer, we can also download experimental versions that use newer versions of FreeBSD, such as 31.1 or 14.0. To test ok, but we are not going to have the same experience that we got with 0.7.0 based on FreeBDS 13.0.

Hi Hellosystem

The requirements to run this operating system are:

  • 2 GHz 2 core processor.
  • 4 GB of RAM (2 GB if we use a version prior to 0.7.0).
  • Graphics card with a display that supports 1024×768 resolution.
  • CD/DVD or Pendrive drive for installation.

To start it up, what we have to do is download the version we want, and burn it both to a CD or DVD and to a Pendrive. Once ready, we start the computer with it and follow the steps of the wizard until we have it installed. Once the installation is finished, we reboot, extract the installation media, and we can start working with our FreeBDS-based macOS.

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