This Tag Heuer and Super Mario watch is worth $ 2,150

Wear OS and Super Mario

Tag Heuer Super Mario

The launch is at least curious, since Tag heuer He has thought that launching a model based on Super Mario must have quite a market among his audience. Let’s remember that we are facing a prestigious brand that has a large collection of high-end watches, as well as several smart models, but this collaboration with Nintendo is quite curious to us.

Broadly speaking, it is a smartwatch not too different from what we are used to finding, since being based on Wear OS, the Android operating system does not offer anything especially surprising. In the clock we will find many reasons Super Mario, since we will have different configurable backgrounds, as well as the Mario M logo on the crown.

Do sports Mario style

Tag Heuer Super Mario

The interesting thing is that the watch seems to include a gamification system in which users can complete a series of daily challenges with which to get trophies and medals to the rhythm of animations inspired by Mario games. And it is that the famous plumber will become a kind of personal trainer who will constantly encourage us, and it is that the animations and effects that will appear on the screen will be more visible as the user is more active.

Depending on the percentage of activity you complete during the day, you can receive one animation or another, but we can also enjoy other types of decorations such as a retro-style one with pixelated drawings inspired by the 1985 graphics.

Let’s not forget the smart features

Taking into account that we are facing a watch with Wear OS, we cannot forget the classic smart functions that, although we said that they will not be extraordinary at all, they will continue to offer functions such as access to the smart assistant, notifications, calendar, heart rate sensor, status of the weather, etc.

How much?

Tag Heuer Super Mario

The big question, however, will revolve around the type of user this watch is aimed at. Some might think that the youngest might want one of these units for its fun Nintendo-inspired motifs, however, on the one hand we are talking about a 45-millimeter, 86-gram watch that could be a bit too large on small wrists, and on the other, there would be the issue of price.

One of the 2,000 exclusive units that will hit stores starting July 15 will be priced at $ 2,150, so we are talking about an extremely exclusive watch that will only be available to a few. If we take into account the exclusive profile that the buyer of a Tah Heuer usually has, we are quite shocked by the casual and fun theme that this special edition of Tag Heuer presents, but you know how the whims of the rich work.

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