This theory ensures that Snake appears in the latest Death Stranding teaser

Is that Snake?

The last video uploaded by YouTube KingTrash Gaming it’s giving a lot to talk about. In a small clip of 1 minute and 55 seconds this YouTuber has decided to analyze some hidden details that we had not seen in the latest Death Stranding teaser. And when we said that we had not seen, we really meant that we had not racked our brains to find clues that even Kojima himself could not imagine.

But hey, if you pay attention and decide to bet on the explanations it offers, actually everything that is proposed makes a lot of sense. On the one hand, the video begins by pointing to a ventilation duct that has been opened, an entrance where the theory assures that it is through where Snake would have entered the interior of the facilities.

The next clue was something that many detected as soon as they saw the original teaser, since the moment Sam takes the cardboard box from the shelf and overturns it, some oranges inside. This obviously is a nod to the mythical cardboard box from Metal Gear Solid 2 that sported the sign “The Orange”, but with this theory it serves to continue spinning the tracks.

Death Stranding Snake Theory

In the same plane of the oranges seems to appear A shadow It does not match any of the bodies present in the scene, and that is where our investigator points out that it could be Snake’s shadow. This is something that we do not share, since the shadows are produced by the light of the spotlights that are behind Sam, so the body that is shading should be in front of the camera. Everything looks more like a shadow created by the movement of Sam’s backpack.

But if there is one thing that has completely baffled us, it is the issue of steam. If you look closely, there are a couple of shots in which a vapor cloud at one end of the video, and this is where the theory reaches its highest point, and ensures that this mist is generated by Snake while using the optical camouflage suit. This detail is something that could sound crazy, but in reality it is a very used visual effect (and we could say that it is even recognizable) throughout the saga. There is nothing.

Death Stranding Snake Theory

This detail becomes especially meaningful when Sam enters the box without doing it correctly (every Metal Gear fan knows that the box serves to cover you), and it is at that precise moment that a new cloud of vapor appears together with a sound that looks like a clearing his throat. This would reflect Snake’s disappointment anger that Sam doesn’t know how to use the box properly.

We leave you with the official video of the Death Stranding teaser so you can see for yourself that all those details are present in the original video.

Much more than a nod to the saga?

Metal Gear Solid

The Death Stranding: Director’s Cut teaser seemed at first to offer a lot of winks and tributes to the Metal Gear saga, but all these details discovered by KingTrash Gaming make us see the teaser in a different way.

That this video has appeared in full disappointment with the new delay of the Abandoned application may be just a coincidence, but at this point of the level of theories that we carry with us, we can expect anything. Anyway, it may be that Snake’s presence in invisible mode is simply a tribute from Kojima to his best character, who is still in Konami’s clutches.

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