This theory ensures that the Hulk will appear in the Wolverine game for PS5

A clue with intentions

Wolverine Hulk track

The teaser for the game’s announcement left us with a simple 50-second video in which there was practically nothing to be seen. The clip in question served to present the claws of Wolverine, thus confirming the protagonist of the new Marvel licensed game. But the fans, eager to find new details that would allow them to know more about the title, decided to review each frame shown in the video second by second. And this is how they have found what could be the first great clue.

And it is that in one of the planes of the video we can see a complete visual of the bar in which our protagonist is seated. A bar full of bottles and photographs hanging on the wall, and where among so much decoration you can see a Québec license plate.

A Hulk license plate

Hulk - Avengers

Well, it is precisely that license plate that has raised a lot of rumors, since the letters HLK that appear in it could refer to the Hulk, something that could be a simple coincidence of fate if it were not for the numbering that follows. As you can see, the license plate has the number 181, something that the cleverest have managed to decipher quickly.

Wolverine Hulk Comic

It turns out that the comic number 181 from Marvel published in 1974 (date that also appears in the register of the video with the number 19-74) was in charge of introducing Wolverine for the first time, and incidentally facing him against the Hulk. In any case, both characters would end up joining forces to rise against a common enemy. That reference is the one that has obviously awakened the theory that the Hulk will be present in the next Insomniac Games game, so it will be necessary to see if they are indeed correct.

In any case, the references could also be translated as a simple tribute to the character’s beginnings, so we should not have too many illusions about it.

We will have to wait (and a lot)

For now that is the only thing we can make clear, since the game is still in the initial phase of development, so it is too early to talk about the plot and, much less, about the first images of the game.

With the arrival of Wolverine, PlayStation continues to increase the presence of Marvel properties with incredible games, especially the Spider-Man installments that have been liked so much by the public, and where we will receive a new installment with Spider-Man 2 (where we remember will be Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Venom). And by the way, in the Wolverine trailer you can also see reference 1048, the world in which Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man takes place. Will there be a crossover?

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