This theory portends the most epic moment in Spider-Man: No way home

After the trailer of Spider-Man: No way home, fan musings about the film have skyrocketed. Who goes out? Who is coming back? Will we see more than one Spider-Man? One of those fans has raised a fascinating theory having to do with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and something fundamental that happens in its history. Of course, if this hypothesis is confirmed, it will delight those of us who think that, although the movies were not a big deal, Garfield deserved more.

The trailer of Spider-Man: No way home it has been analyzed frame by frame until exhaustion. The network has been filled with the theories of fans and, among all of them, there is one that, if true, would redeem the Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield in the previous series of wall-climbing films.

It is true that the actor has repeatedly denied his participation in the film, but we already know how those things are. If it finally appears, it will have been the worst kept secret in history.

Because of that there are a sequence that has triggered all the rumors. From minute 2:20 of the trailer we see how MJ, played by Zendaya, suffers a fall from a building under construction. Tom Holland notices it and throws himself into the void for her. The last shot is the hands of Zendaya and Spider-Man about to meet in the air, before they cut to the title of the film.

That scene is very reminiscent of Gwen Stacy’s falling into the void in the 2014 movie. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which you can see here.

That was a pretty forgettable movie, but not that part. Garfield’s Spider-Man also desperately goes after Stacy and shoots his webs to catch her, but he does it too late and the hit to the ground kills Gwen.

Spider-Man is marked by this event, but the cancellation of the franchise meant that there would not be a third film where we can see how that influences him, also depriving us of a possible redemption of his guilt.

As well, there are fans who believe it will be No way home the one that provides that redemption to Andrew Garfield.

User Destinyman50 at Reddit He was the first to make the bet: “I said it already: Andrew is going to save her,” he wrote.

And is that the theory of the fans is that Andrew Garfield not only appears in the film no matter how much he denies it, but will also participate in that crucial scene, being the one who, this time, yes, I arrived in time to save MJ from his fall into the void.

Other users have jumped on the bandwagon and analyzed every detail that can reinforce the theory. Some say that this frame reveals that the fan theory is true.

The claim is that the Spider-Man glove seen is Andrew Garfield’s, because does not match the glove design of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, which appears to carry the Iron Spider Armor, which has different colors and textures.

If the theory is true, that would make up for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, giving a well-deserved closure to his character arc, interrupted by the cancellation of his third film.

Do you also think that is true?

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