This theory would explain why Matrix Resurrections has seemed absurd to you

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you have told yourself or read a conspiracy theory And … despite showing great rejection at the beginning, in the end has it ended up convincing you? Well, this post is a “magufa” theory, as they say now, with which you will continue to think that Matrix 4 is still rubbish, but also a genius. And the worst is that the film itself gives the keys to it.

Matrix 4 is a parody of the Matrix

Matrix Resurrections can easily be divided into two acts. A first act, where we see a very lost Neo who is finally released and a second part, which includes from arrival at IO to the end of the film. The film lasts two and a half hours, and surely when you saw the credit titles you were colder than an iceberg. Because despite the length, the important part of the film, which is the second, is treated far above, without touching details and without delving into the plot. Why? Well because it seems that we had to give more weight to the first part.

If you went to the movies for Lana and got shorn, let me offer you the red pill, as many users on Internet forums They assure that Wachowski has not laughed at you with this film, but at Warner Bros. And to see the keys, you don’t have to put on an Albal paper hat or study all of Plato’s works. It’s all in the movie itself (or in your mind, as the new architect would say).

Throughout the first part of the film there are numerous things that occur in Thomas Anderson’s environment that have occurred in the real world. In our real world, the real one. We are going to list them to see if they are in our head or if they really existed.

1. Thomas Anderson is not interested in The Matrix

If the fourth wall “break” from the last Spider-Man already seemed crazy to you, the new Matrix would have to be classified with a new term. Anderson is now a kind of Kojima known for creating the video game series The Matrix, but in the Matrix. The creator states at the beginning of the film that not interested in continuing his video game series.

Without going deeper into this so as not to extend ourselves, the Reeves already said in 2010 that he wasn’t interested in playing Neo anymore.Well, I didn’t miss it. This was communicated to EFE Marraquech at the end of that year.

2. The Matrix Reboot

The crazy moment of the film comes when Anderson’s classmates in his study tell him that Warner Bros is the owner of the exploitation rights of the video game. Que? And that, although he is not interested, you have to make a continuation of the saga.

In our world, Warner Bros already showed their interest in continuing the Matrix saga in 2017. Without the Wachowski, without Reeves and without Carrie-Anne Moss. You can read a news about it on IGN.

3. Brainstorming

Next, we see a gathering of people from Anderson’s company putting on the table a lot of ideas for the new video game of Matrix. Y Anderson is not there. Do you see where the shots are going? If you still have doubts, Lana Wachowski reiterates and exaggerates the end of this meeting in the post-credits scene.

4. Reeves’ change of mind

And went in 2017 when Keanu was outraged by that Warner Bros move. He made it clear that the Matrix couldn’t go on without the Wachowskis. This changed his opinion, because, unless we have dreamed it, Reeves comes out in Matrix 4. There are hundreds of news stories about this reversal. Here’s one on Digital Spy and in Spanish on Esquire.

Is Matrix Resurrections a Warner Bros. criticism?

Now we know that Warner was going to continue the Matrix saga. With or without the Wachowski. For the civil or for the criminal. But the Wachowskis don’t have the hair of idiots. You have already seen how George Lucas was outraged to see what Disney had done with his beloved Star Wars (and that which was pronounced when he saw the VII, if he gets to see the VIII or the XIX first, he gives him a stroke).

What was the most sensible move then? Propose themselves to follow the saga, that is, change their mind and give warner what they wanted. Luckily, Hollywood executives have no bloody idea of ​​cinema (but they do have a clue of banknotes). A movie with Neo and Trinity painted a guaranteed success. And … seen what is seen, they have taken the hook.

And finally, if it is not clear with the film, Lana rubs it again by the nose in the post credits scene ending. A fragment that a priori does not make sense, but that is a stab wound to the entire film industry. A way of telling you that, for Warner to load it, she already loads it, that is why the Matrix has given birth.

If you have come this far and you are still not convinced, we are not going to pressure you, and we are going to let you continue as the protagonist of Life of Pi did with those who do not believe his shipwreck. Of course … Could you explain why these two luminous signs during the first 5 minutes of the film if not for this hypothesis?

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