This thing that we all have in the kitchen can make your WiFi fly

We do not always have a good Internet speed at home. Although many factors can come into play, one of the most important is coverage. If you are too far from the router, if you do not have it well located, you may notice that the signal does not reach you well and you cannot connect correctly. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain how you can use something you have in the kitchen to improve wifi and have greater speed and coverage.

It’s about using foil. Yes, the same thing you use to store a sandwich, for example. It is something that you probably have at home, in your kitchen, and it can come in handy to boost your Wi-Fi signal. With this, you will be able to achieve better coverage and connect from areas where you had problems.

Aluminum foil to improve Wi-Fi

But does this trick really work? what does he do foil to improve Wi-Fi? What it actually does is orient signal wireless. That is, this material can act as an insulator, as a barrier to prevent the connection from going to the area where you are not interested. With this, you will be able to concentrate it better in other places.

It’s basically like you put a barrier so that the Wi-Fi signal did not pass from there and did go to another place. There are studies carried out that show that it is a good material to reduce interference and better concentrate coverage in a certain antenna. We can achieve our goal of having better connection.

Keep in mind that the routers will emit signals everywhere. That is, you put it in a room and it will distribute the signal in 360 degrees. This is called omnidirectional. Now, by putting that aluminum foil in a specific area, we can make the signal, or at least a greater part of it, go in one direction.

This is interesting for boost that signal in an area where you are going to connect, such as a room where you have a computer. Perhaps you are not interested in that signal reaching other places where, directly, you are not going to connect. You would be wasting the wireless network.

Aluminum foil to improve Wi-Fi

useful in security

But not only will you be able to use aluminum foil to improve the Wi-Fi signal, but it can even become an ally for the security. You can prevent intruders on the network, such as any neighbor who has access to the wireless connection and finds a way in.

Why does it help improve security? To the block signal, or at least decrease it, will have less range in areas where there could be intruders. For example, if you have the router placed near a wall that faces another house, you could put this type of material right in that area to prevent the wireless network from going to that wall.

In short, as you can see you can use aluminum foil to improve Wi-Fi From home. You can direct the wireless signal for areas where you are going to connect. It is also useful in order to improve security, by blocking the signal from reaching your neighbors. However, this does not work miracles and sometimes you will have to use Mesh systems or other devices to improve the connection.

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