This tool has (almost) everything you need to analyze and repair your PC

With the months and years of using Windows, this is an operating system that is gradually deteriorating. To all this we add that the constant installation and uninstallation of applications is not at all beneficial for the good functioning of the system. Hence, as many of you already know, it is advisable to carry out various maintenance tasks here.

Along these same lines, we are going to talk about an interesting, completely free application that will be very helpful for these tasks and is also easy to use. Specifically, we are referring to the program called Windows Repair Toolbox. We find a portable software solution that helps us to repair any Windows system that has problems at that moment thanks to the tools that it offers us. And if you find that issue can’t be resolve, you better reach out to experts to get your computer repaired.

In addition, it is designed to carry out all of this quickly and easily, even if we do not have much experience in this type of task. It puts at our disposal a series of applications and functions in charge of detecting and solve all kinds of problems and failures in the Microsoft system.

Windows Repair Toolbox interface

We can affirm that from a single user interface that we find when executing the application, we will be able to carry out all these maintenance tasks.

How Windows Repair Toolbox works

This is something that we achieve thanks to the enormous amount of specific software to fix problems in Windows, which we find here at the outset. In its main window we find various categories and their corresponding shortcuts to the available tools. We will see programs for make backup copiesdiagnose problems in the computer’s hardware, fix bugs in windowsor remove installed apps effectively.

In addition, the program gives us the possibility of downloading all these tools at once and keeping them updated automatically. Likewise, in the event that we have encountered a security problem, Windows Repair Toolbox also presents various antivirus that we can download and install on the PC. For this we only have to situate ourselves in the tab called Malware removal.

malware removal

Another of the really interesting sections that we find in this application is the so-called Final Tests. Likewise, in the interface that will appear on the screen we find a series of shortcuts related to various tests that the application will perform about elements of the operating system. Here we are not referring to the integrity of different commonly used file formats, email, Windows drivers, their updates, or even the performance of our Internet connection.

Windows tests

In addition, it is worth knowing that here we find several very useful meters to see the performance of Windows in real time. It also offers us basic information about the components of the computer or the temperature of the CPU at all times. That is why Windows Repair Toolbox is a program that we can always carry on a USB stick in case there is a problem with a PC. We can use all the solutions that are presented here for direct download and fix the bugs.

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