This Twitch streamer is creating the Game Boy version of Elden Ring

that to see remakes of known games is something that we have been enjoying, and suffering, for many years. For companies it is a golden opportunity to charge us a little more for a title that already has some time behind it, so it serves to continue squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Now, do you know what the exact opposite of remaking a game is? I mean, make a demake? well that’s exactly what they have set out to create with Elden Ring.

Game Boy, Station of Destiny

Elden Ring It is one of the great launches of what we have been in 2022 and the one that looks like it’s going to be a hit this year hand in hand with FromSoftware in front of everyone else during the awards season, although a streamer by the name of Shintendo has decided to do something unexpected with it, and it is nothing other than undo it for a console infinitely less powerful than the current ones: Game Boy.

elden rin has begun to have a version for the legendary Nintendo handheld console thanks to the work of this streamer who has set himself the challenge of converting the game’s scenarios, with their enemies and main characters, into a typical 8-bit pixelated formatsomething that seems to be achieving if we trust the video published a few hours ago and in which you can see some of the qualities that are adorning this project.

To give you an idea this streamer is using GB Studio 3.0 to create this demake from Elden Ringthat is, the same programming tool used by dozens of studios that want to develop projects retrowhich allows him to take advantage of the result of his work in real hardware, such as the original Game Boy as well as the Pocket version, which was much more compact and manageable than the first portable that went on sale in 1989.

A project with a lot of work

At the moment there is not much of the game converted into a Game Boy cartridge since Shintendo has focused on creating a location as recognized in the game as the Chapel of Anticipation, where we can enjoy what is one of the starting points of the adventure on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Quite a luxury that, at the moment, is more an intention than a reality since reproducing all the content created by FromSoftware seems like a lot of work, but a long time. maybe years?

For the streamer “the idea [de crear el demake] was inspired by my friends, who play a lot of Elden Ring together, but also we like to do small video game projects”, so “we were thinking of possible uses for GB Studio 3.0 when the topic inevitably came up”. And what do you think is the most fun of this process? Well, according to Shintendo “it is to do the work of the sprites […] It’s very satisfying trying to figure out how to render an amazing character design like Varre or Ranni in a 16 x 16 sprite.”

Without a doubt, there is a desire for this demake to take flight, to see how far they go with the idea. Do not?

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