This ultra-popular PC game is finally coming to Xbox Series X

Valheim is a PC game that created the event when it was released in 2021. It is now available on consoles, since it has just been released on Xbox via the Game Pass. This is a survival game that takes place in a universe inspired by Viking mythology.

Released in early access on Steam in 2021, Valheim is a survival game in a harsh universe inspired by Viking mythology. It had created the event when it was released thanks to its gameplay focused on survival, not original for a penny but devilishly mastered, and gathered more than 10 million followers. He finally comes to Xbox.

Valheim has already been available in the Game Pass for a few months, but only on computer. It is today declined for Xbox. On this occasion, the developer Iron Gate has made some changes inherent in the support.

Valheim, the event survival game arrives on Xbox

This is the same game as on PC, but adapted to the console. Thus, a new controller configuration has been added to the existing ones in order to provide more comfort. Moreover, two modes are available on Xbox Series X|S: a Performance mode at 60 frames per second as well as a Quality mode which seeks to reach 30 frames per second but with native 4K. For those who don’t want to choose, Balanced Mode combines the best of both worlds with a 40fps framerate.


Valheim on Xbox is cross-platform, which means that from your console, you can play with your friends on PC. A godsend, given that the gameplay of the title has been designed to be enjoyed by several people (up to 10).

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The Iron Gate title is a survival game that adopts a graphic style close to PS1 games. Dropped into a hostile universe, the player must collect resources and build his base in order to survive against the lurking monsters. The particularity of the title lies in the exploration, since the budding Vikings are called upon to survey a gigantic and coherent world in order to kill bosses. Expeditions that often turn into epic multi-hour adventures.

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