This user paints tiny F1 cars for a board game

Twitter is a social network that we tend to criticize a lot because it sometimes promotes too heated discussions. However, sometimes the social network of the celestial bird leaves us with really funny pearls. In this case, a rather innocent thread from the Formula 1 tweeter, Dani Liro, has revealed to us a world that many motor fans were completely unaware of: a formula 1 board game which is a real wonder.

months waiting for F1 2022 and it turns out that there is a physical game

Formula 1 has gained a lot of popularity in recent years with the return of Fernando Alonso and the change in regulations. New faces in motorsport are always welcome, and it shows within the dedicated F1 Twitter community, which is usually quite respectful and very opposed to what we usually see on this social network.

However, F1 is a sport that requires many knowledge to enjoy a race. You have to see many and know enough concepts to read and anticipate what is happening on the track. Flaunting his experience, Dani Liro commented on Twitter the other day that he would be able to recognize Alonso in a race even if all 20 cars were painted the same colour. And in the middle of the debate the user appeared @ivan_raivanshowing him his F1 car miniatures. Liro himself was amazed by the models. Iván told him that they are pieces for play Formula D, a Formula 1 board game. How did we not know about this before!?

What is Formula D?

Formula D is a board game quite interesting in which we will simulate a race driving a racing car. There are two game modes, but in both cases, our objective will be to go around the track taking the car at the correct speed using different dice.

Each player chooses a pilot. Depending on the game mode we have chosen, the pilots will be identical or will have different skill points. On the table, each player also has a small card on which they can simulate car gearbox. Depending on where we have the pawn, our car will go in a March or other. And by his side, we have a total of wear points. If we lose them all, we’re out.

A whole world of crafts around Formula D

There is a whole world of the most interesting around this game. On the internet there are a lot of vehicle designs to put on the board. From cars from the current season to cars from the most legendary decades in F1 history, as well as cars from other categories such as Formula E, GT and even IndyCar single-seaters.

As Raivan explains in his tweet, it is normal to start from a 3d printed design vehicle. Then each single-seater is painted, just like a Warhammer. In his case, he manages to exactly replicate the livery of each car, which has a lot of merit.

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