This very original figure of Vecna ​​is what every fan of Stranger Things needs

It is almost a fact that we find ourselves worldwide with a resurgence of fever stranger things caused as evident by the premiere of the second volume of the fourth season of Netflix fiction, the work of the Duffer brothers. As is customary every time this successful series launches a new installment, different clothing or collectible product companies announce their collaborations with that universe, putting on sale indecent amounts of merchandising that, as always, dangerously soften our pockets.

The baddest in the world backwards

To mention some brands that have always collaborated with stranger things we find Quicksilver in terms of clothing, or Funko in terms of collectibles with several series of bobblehead figurines ready to sell out practically from the moment they appear in stores. Nevertheless, now it looks like a new figure company is joining the roster.

We are talking about Mighty Jaxx, who specializes in making highly detailed pieces, yes, always with a certain caricature aura so they become tremendously huggable pieces. And to start this collaboration with Netflix, the character they have selected to debut their collection of stranger things It has been nothing more and nothing less than the fearsome villain of this fourth season, Vecna. Very good choice to start!

take the terror home

Named after the bad guy in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. (the famous Dungeons & Dragons), throughout the season we discover that it is Henry Creel, a young man with special abilities that he uses to torment and ultimately murder to his mother and sister. Later, he will be welcomed under the protection of Doctor Brenner, responsible for turning that child into subject 001 within the program that gave birth to the protagonist of the series, Eleven (Eleven). However, this 001 would grow too much and the boss within the operation, after observing his dangerous instability, would decide to implant a chip so that he could not access his powers again.

After tricking Eleven, he regains access to his abilities, Carrying out a massacre in the Hawkins lab, although it would be our powerful protagonist who would end up neutralizing him, sending him to the world Del Revés, where already quite deformed, he would adopt the appearance of the Vecna ​​we know.

The piece that Mighty Jaxx brings to the table consists of two parts. A base of approximately 7.5 cm and a Vecna ​​of just over 12. If we get into the villain fully, we see that he is in his already mythical pose that he adopts when he attacks his victims. In addition, he has a very important detail on the left wrist, which only those who have it in his collection will be able to appreciate. At the base, we can find the clock from the Creel mansion, which has infiltrated the nightmares of fans, as well as the root hive mind that we see in the Netflix series.

The good thing is that we will not have to wait too long to get this figure, since it went on sale on July 9, 2022 at a price of $159.99, that is, practically the same in euros.

And you? Would you buy this figure of Vecna ​​from stranger things?

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