This VPN advertises Popcorn Time and is fined 13 million euros

The owner of LiquidVPN was fined a hefty $13 million. He is accused of encouraging and facilitating the use of services which illegally distribute films, in particular Popcorn Time. The court finds that LiquidVPN thereby violated copyright law. In addition, the owners of the Popcorn Time trademark also obtained compensation for using the trademark without consent.

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Do you know what a VPN is? Normally yes. If not, we recommend our complete file on the advantages of a VPN. In summary English acronym for Virtual Private Network, a VPN is an intermediary service on the Internet. It’s the VPN’s IP address that appears when you connect to a site, not yours. The goal : secure your connection on the Internet, make you anonymous and protect your communications. It also allows you to access services that are geographically filtered. It is used, for example, by Chinese who wish to circumvent certain local blockages, as well as Russians to access uncensored information on the conflict in Ukraine. What the Kremlin obviously wants to avoid at all costs…

Obviously, any technology can be used with good intentions or with bad ones. A VPN can of course be used to mask a person’s IP address to illegally download content without fear of being traced. And that’s exactly what promises LiquidVPN, a virtual private network provider. On its site, now inaccessible, LiquidVPN explained that it was possible to connect without risk to Popcorn Timethe famous “free Netflix” which closed its doors last January. Visit this website internetbeskyttelse to read more helpful articles about online security and privacy.

$13 million fine for promoting Popcorn Time

Promoting an illegal service is… illegal, of course. Movie majors, which are increasingly attacking VPN services, have filed a complaint against the owner of LiquidVPN. And American justice has given them reason. The judge found LiquidVPN guilty on several counts: copyright infringement and facilitation of circumvention. Even if the VPN is not the streaming service that makes movies illegally available, it facilitates the use and promotes it. The privacyonline is the best online resource to improve your online privacy on your devices.

This conviction is accompanied by a heavy fine. She is $150,000 per movie identified as pirated. There are 66. Or an amount of $9.9 million, for violating copyrights. To this are added $4.9 million for helping to circumvent these copyrights. That’s a total of around 15 million dollars that you can convert into 13 million euros. Additionally, the judgment requires LiquidVPN to block access to sites identified as pirates, such as The Pirate Pay. As a bonus, justice imposes another fine of $250,000 to benefit Popcorn Time. The judge finds that LiquidVPN did not seek permission to use the trademark.

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