This Warzone hack has gone viral and lets you shoot with no recoil

Shooting without recoil in Warzone

Warzone kickback trick

Yes, this bug is going to offer a lot of advantage to everyone who uses it, but considering that the idea has become a viral, the most fair thing is that you are aware of its existence and decide yourself whether to use it or not, since you could get quite pissed off when you see how the opposing players are able to land several shots at you in a row without the sight moving the least. How is it possible?

The secret seems to be in the field of view settings, since if you manage to force the field of view up to 400%, the recoil seems to adjust to a millimeter movement that does not affect the shot. Thus, automatic weapons can be used while still releasing the trigger while the aiming sight remains completely fixed in the center of the screen. So anyone shoots!

But don’t worry, it won’t be a setting that you can change so happily. The official Warzone settings allow you to change the field of view up to 120% (at the moment only on PC, but soon on consoles with the arrival of Vanguard), so this user had to manually modify the game files to allow changing the value up to that extreme value.

Reporting the cheater

Russian Warzone Sniper

The result, as you can see in the Tiktok video that has gone viral, is a very accurate shot and without any type of movement. This, as you may have imagined, translates into the anger of the rest of the users, who after seeing the replay do not hesitate to report the player for using some kind of trick in the game.


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♬ original sound – Fateh

And it is that although the level of cheating is not reached when using illegal software, this method that modifies the original files of the game would also be considered as cheating, so we recommend that you do not do experiments and continue playing cleanly and legal. The last thing we want is for Warzone to become a boring game full of cheat games. Because currently it’s nothing like that, right?

The problem is in how Activision will be able to control this type of modifications. Maybe a simple configuration check when connecting to the server can solve it, but we do not know if they will be able to stop it in any way. Hopefully at least this doesn’t become standard practice, otherwise jumping to Verdansk will be downright boring.

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