This website allows you to enjoy all kinds of retro games and programs

Especially the most veteran of the place, surely at this time they still miss some games and applications that they used to run years ago. This is something that can be recalled from different platforms and websites, as is the case with EmuOS.

Despite advances in software technology, many users fondly remember not-so-spectacular apps and games of yesteryear. Many of these titles have been lost over time, although there are developers that in one way or another have tried to collect and unite many titles so that we can enjoy all of it again. A clear example of all this that we tell you is found in the portal known as Internet Archive. Huge amounts of old websites and content are collected here so that we can download them and take a look at them if we wish.

But in these same lines we are going to talk about another proposal that will surely make many of you smile. Specifically, we are referring to a website where we are going to be able to run some content again in the form of applications and retro games that will bring us great memories. Specifically, we refer to the EmuOS web platform that we have the possibility of launching from our favorite internet browser. In order to access it, we only have to load this link.

It is worth mentioning that in a few seconds we will find a good number of icons simulating an old version of Windows. In addition, we achieve all this without installing anything additionally on the PC. In the main interface of this platform we find shortcuts to programs and retro games so that we execute them at that moment.

How to remember retro games thanks to EmuOS

To give you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything we are telling you, if you take a careful look at the icons included here, many of them will surely be more than familiar to you.

In addition, and thanks to the fact that it is content that is already a few years old, in most cases we will not have any problem executing it. With this, what we want to tell you is that the performance of the PC when launching these games in the browser should not be affected at all. To mention some popular titles that we are going to find here because we could talk about Flappy BirdMinesweeper, winampHalf-Life 1, doomMicrosoft Sudoku, Emuchatand much more.

To launch any of the titles that we are going to find here, we only have to double click on the selected one. It will then start up and a new window will open on the screen. will start with the loading of the content as such. Depending on the power of our equipment and the connection we have, this is a process that will take more or less time. Once it has finished, we can start enjoying the game or the application that we have launched.

It is worth mentioning that these titles offered here are fully functional and free of charge. Therefore, this online platform Surely those who miss some of these titles will enjoy it a lot.

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