This will be Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 folding mobile

Samsung will present in August its new generation of folding mobiles and among them will be the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Based on the leaked images, the terminal will receive an incremental update, but with some interesting news.

Samsung monopolizes the sale of folding smartphones and this will not change until Apple enters the segment. If the Fold series is the best on the market without question, Flip puts the counterpoint to users who prefer a more compact size and a lower price.

What will the Galaxy Z Flip 4 look like?

The latest images that have reached the Internet (always unofficial) speak of a continuous design shell type that was common a couple of decades ago and that Samsung and other manufacturers such as Motorola have recovered with the Moto Razr. Hugely compact when folded, it also allows for good one-handed operation when unfolded.

The key to the design will continue to be a “glass that bends”, as defined by Samsung. An ultra-thin glass cover that, compared to the use of polycarbonate, considerably increases the protection of the screen and avoids the resistance and robustness problems that can affect this type of folding screen.

Galaxy ZFlip 4

Not too many changes are expected in the impressive multi-touch flexible OLED display with a size close to 7 inches when it is unfolded and that will undoubtedly be the star of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. We do see changes in the external screen, broader than the current and that will come in handy to better handle notifications or media control. Another design change will be the hinge, which is slimmer and has a narrower gap when folded.

The internal hardware will come updated with the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus and will offer configurations with 512 Gbytes of capacity. (It must be said that the Fold series will deliver 1 Tbyte of storage capacity for the first time, a first for a foldable).

The chambers are not expected to be renewed. The size is reduced which adds to the complexity of this type of design. Everything indicates that Samsung will present the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in August (also the Galaxy Z Fold 4) as in previous years. As for price, we do not know if Samsung will be able to lower costs to bring it closer to the general public or as announced at the time “will expand the portfolio of folding products” with other cheaper models.

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