This will be the Google Pixel tablet with which to stand up to the Apple iPad

The Google Pixel tablet will have a size of 11 inches and will arrive in storage capacities of 128 and 256 GBaccording to information gathered from its passage through the Indian regulator for certification.

After years of abandoning the tablet segment and thus leaving the way clear for Apple to dominate sales with the iPad, Google announced several measures to enhance Android tablets. One of them was the launch of Android 12L, a special version of Android designed to address the needs of products with unconventional screen formats such as foldable phones and also large formats such as tablets.

Google Pixel tablet

Another part of Google’s strategy is the development of Pixel own-brand models the same way you do on mobile. Although it was briefly announced at the Google I/O 2022 development conference, the company has not subsequently offered any further details. But we have had leaks.

The last one talks about its screen size and specifically a 10.95-inch diagonal. It is not known if it will be an LCD or Google will use OLED to raise the level. The storage capacities would be 128 and 256 Gbytes, enough for the use of a tablet. It would also offer state-of-the-art connectivity elements such as WiFi 6 and surely special versions with broadband support 5G.

It is not confirmed, like nothing of the above, but it is assumed that the new Google Pixel tablet will be powered by a variant of the Google Tensor, the custom SoC created internally by the Internet giant for the Pixel 6. It is certain that this engine will be accompanied by a sufficient amount of RAM memory, together with a camera system of the usual good performance in Pixel mobiles and typical accessories such as a case and styluses, a Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) 2.0 that would be included by device defect.

google pixel tablets

On the software side, Google is known to be testing a version of Android 13 only 64 bits for a device codenamed “Tangor” believed to correspond to this tablet of its own. Among the benefits of stopping supporting 32-bit applications are that it would reduce the code base necessary for the optimized Android of this Pixel and also uses such as memory.

It must be said that Google has paved the way for 64-bit versions of Android for years and has been requiring developers to include 64-bit builds in apps they submit to the Google Play Store since mid-2019. the practical start of this strategy.

No price or availability date is known, although we should know more at the event that Google will allocate to the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch on October 6. We already told you.

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