This will be the new Apple Watch Series 7: everything we know

Presentation and launch date

Just as there is no official information on the characteristics of the watch, there is also no information on the date on which it will be known. However, everything indicates that it will be in September, except capital surprise, since all Apple Watch have been presented this month. It is also expected to hit the market in later weeks, so there should not be a long wait between presentation and launch.

Considering that it would be presented at the same time as the iPhone 13Everything points to the fact that in the second or third week of that month we will have an official event. Of course, it will be online again for health reasons, as it has been happening for more than a year. It will be at that moment when Apple announces all the news about this watch that, as we will see in the next section, does not seem to be very disruptive.

Design change as the main incentive

If Apple watches are being characterized for something in recent times, it is because of their focus on health. See the possibility of performing ECG introduced in the Series 4 or the most recent blood oxygen measurement of the Series 6. There are several patents and studies that show that Apple is close to implementing functions such as measuring blood glucose, something that would be totally revolutionary for not requiring the user to draw blood. In any case, it seems that it will arrive in 2022 at least, so imagining it for the Series 7 is a utopia.

Apple Watch Series 7 render

There will be no new health sensors, although there will be aesthetic changes with a more than likely new design that would bring the form factor of this watch closer to that of other devices of the Californian brand. With straight edges with curved corners, the new Apple Watch Series 7 could be the first to change its aesthetics, although it is expected that the screen size will continue to incorporate identical measurements to the current ones. It would also come with new colors following the success of the red and blue Series 6 models launched last year.

Inside the clocks we would find a new chip that would improve fluencyOf the device. I would also bring a improvement in autonomy that would make the main handicap of Apple watches solved, although not reaching the level of some competing smartwatches that reach two weeks of use without having to go through the charger.

Notably a new Apple Watch SE is not expected and Apple would try to maintain the success of its first generation by keeping it in the catalog. Be that as it may, both this and the rest of the information cannot be confirmed until it is Apple itself who announces it. These data have been compiled from different analysts with sources close to Apple and who have made them public in recent months (Ming-Chi Kuo, Jon Prosser, Mark Gurman…).

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