This will be the new Bing with ChatGPT

We’ve been talking about it for a few weeks now. Microsoft plans to add ChatGPT to Microsoft Bing. At first there was talk of the generic version of the chatbot, but recently we have learned that the plans are more ambitious (and sensible, I must add), since Microsoft and OpenAI are working on a special version of it based on the future GPT 4, a much broader model in terms of the sources from which it has been fed and also, much faster in generating responses.

This plays a key role. If you’ve already tried ChatGPT (and if you haven’t, here’s how to do it) You already know that this AI takes its time to complete the answers to your inquiries. The fact that the response is being written little by little may give the impression of being an intentional effect, but in reality it has to do with the way in which these generative AIs work, to which we must add, of course, the intensive use to which they are OpenAI servers submitted. This, in a conversation with a chatbot has its pass, but in the context of searching for information on the Internet, where immediacy plays a key role, it can be a tremendous handicap.

Microsoft’s plans with ChatGPT seem to be quite advanced to the point that, as Twitter user Owen Yin posted on Medium this weekend, for a short period of time and only for some users, Microsoft allowed access to the version of Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT. This access would have already been closed, at least for Yin, but during the brief period in which it was accessible she was able to take the opportunity to take a screenshot.

This will be the new Bing with ChatGPT

Thus, as we can see in the images, in this redesign of Bing adapted to its new functions it is shown a box in which we can enter any query, with a size limit of 1,000 characters. We can also verify, and this is good news, that when making a query, Bing and ChatGPT will show a list of results in addition to the response, so we can understand that these are the sources on which it is based. In other words, it seems that Microsoft Bing will not reproduce one of the most questionable behaviors of ChatGPT, that is, inventing answers, and in this regard, being able to access their sources is a guarantee.

According to Yin, he was able to access this preview version of Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT at In which, according to what he says, a section was shown to sign up as a volunteer to test this new version of the search engine in a phase prior to its launch. However, at least at this moment, said address is not valid, and when trying to access it we will be redirected to the browser’s home page.

It is speculated, however, that the launch of Bing with ChatGPT is imminent, although perhaps still in beta, to the point that could debut next March. This would explain the reason why Google has organized the Live from Paris event for next week, in which we hope it will present, or at least forward, its own implementation of a chatbot in the search engine, in this case based on LaMDA. .

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