This will be the new cheap Netflix, HBO and Disney + plans, and you will not like them

However, as it happens in most cases and situations, users want to save a little more. Various movements can be carried out such as hiring the platforms in other more affordable regions. All this by using a VPN that bypasses regional restrictions and so on. hire the video platform from another country, at least virtually.

But these video platforms also want to make things easier when it comes to paying those who want save a few euros. With this we want to tell you that some of these paid streaming services are studying, even testing, new modalities that would allow us to subscribe at a lower cost, but with ads. This is something that little by little is coming, or at least that may be rumored, to the most important streaming video services.

Precisely all of this that we want to talk about next, since the situation of whom this cheap modality with ads may become common in the future can arise. Next, we will talk about the current situation in this regard in which three of the main proposals are found: Netflix, hbo max Y Disney+.


At the moment we do not know anything official from the company that could be considered one of the best known in video streaming. What we are sure of is that in recent months its client portfolio has dropped significantly. Hence Netflix is ​​studying new business models as it is a more affordable subscription with ads.

This is a new strategy that therefore the firm has already confirmed, what is not yet known is when its execution will begin. In some of its official applications, it has been possible to find some traces about how this subscription with advertising will work. The first thing that is known at the moment is that the advertising will be integrated into certain series, therefore, will not apply to all of them. For example, in children’s series this will be eliminated completely.

netflix series list

The same will happen with many films, which in principle will not contain advertising, at least at their premiere. In addition, everything indicates that these ads would not cut the playback in half, but would be shown at the beginning. We must also take into account that the download of content would be limited in the subscription of this type.

hbo max

With regard to this other proposal, to say that HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge on a single platform very soon. This will make Discovery + reach certain countries such as Spain. In turn, other brands such as CNN or Cartoon Network would join. At this point, it is worth noting that the arrival of a subscription mode with ads in the future.

hbomaxhbo max Netflix video

Here the rumors indicate that all this will begin initially in the United States in the next year 2023, and it is expected to reach our continent in 2024.


The same will happen with Disney + shortly, since the arrival of a subscription modality with ads has been confirmed. Here we must take into consideration that, as it has been revealed, this subscription with ads will be cheaper, but because it is expected raise the price of the current subscription 20%. This means that the mode with advertising will have the current price of Disney +, and the Premium subscription, equivalent to the current one, will have a higher cost of that 20%.

Reactivate Disney+ subscription

In addition, it should be noted that the streaming video platform will not contain advertising with content related to alcohol or politics.

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